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I got my first embroidery machine in about 1996 and also bought PE Design.  For the first 2 years I only ever used it to transfer free designs, downloaded from the internet, to my embroidery card. I thought digitising was for other people and not for me, I looked and looked at the manual, but it never made sense – how did you get a perfect single line the same thickness to take into Design centre – and once there what exactly did you do with it. I then saw a couple of small video lessons and suddenly it began to make sense. I also discovered Layout & Editing, and what a difference it made. I then became ‘digitising hungry’ wanting to learn everything I could – how to do this – how to do that. I was hooked.

I made embroidery friends through the internet, and was offered a place on a friend's website to sell some of my designs. We also formed a UK based yahoo group for other like minded people.  We found others were struggling with the software also, and started offering little video lessons to help them.  From these humble beginnings, my own website was formed and I now teach an online group. I also teach to small groups, clubs etc.. Help is always only an email away, if you purchase one of my lessons, don't feel you will be on your own, if you have a problem, a tool isn't working properly, you don't understand something, please let me know, don't struggle on alone.

There is a small sample video on my website -


Below are some of the emails I have received from customers:

'It's like having you sitting next to me, in my home, helping me each step of the way' - J from Ongar


'I have seen lots of tutorials before, but your's makes it all look so easy' B from



'I have had my software for over 2 years, and it is now like a light has been switched on in my brain - yes I CAN digitise, it isn't only for others' S from Colchester


Another great lesson - you make the lessons so easy to follow and understand - L from Ohio, United States


At last I am able to use my expensive software - my husband is very impressed with the designs I am making - S from Liverpool





Copyright Stipulation for Memories-in-thread

Tutorials and designs by Memories-in-thread, the content on the video tutorials and the designs belong to me, Sue Lough of Memories-in-thread. I, Sue Lough, retain ownership of them. I  am an independant instructor for PE design and the tutorials contain my own thoughts and ideas. You as the ORIGINAL purchaser, have the right to use the tutorials to learn to use PE design software to make your own designs, you also have the right to use any designs given as part of the tutorial or any designs purchased directly from me for embroidery on fabric or other material.  You may resell the embroidered items, but you must not resell the actual embroidery design, or tutorial CD or content.  The designs and video content may NOT be duplicated, rebundled, altered, given away, loaned, resold or shared in any form nor to be used to teach in any classes.  Designs and tutorials are licensed to the ORIGINAL purchaser only. NO other permission is written or implied. NO permission is granted to any seller, other than EBAY ID - 'gemsmember' to offer for sale, whether on disc or by email, any designs or tutorials created by Sue Lough of Memories-in-thread. All copyright infringements are taken very seriously and every effort is made to ensure compliance with the law.

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