Motors is the owner of the copyrights on all of the technical data and information
developed to service and maintain its vehicles, and as such, protects its
exclusive right to reproduce, adapt, and publicly distribute this information.

Technical service information licensing is the process by which General Motors will
make available the right to use the intellectual properties we have developed
to service and repair our vehicles. These licensing rights are available
to responsible companies in the aftermarket for a specified amount and
for a defined period of time.

The primary type of technical service information and data licensed by GM is the proprietary
knowledge we have developed for use by GM dealer service technicians to
maintain and repair our vehicles.

Most of this information has been produced in print, photographic, video, and
audio formats, but increasingly, this material will be provided in high-tech
electronic formats including floppy diskettes, CD-ROMS, magnetic tape,internet
and other user-friendly mediums. All of these products contain the statement,
� Data and Software: � Service and Parts Operations, General Motors Corporation.
All Rights Reserved.�

The relationship we maintain with our licensees is very important. Licensees pay for the
right to use GM�s intellectual property. Licensees are required to add,
�Portions of materials contained herein have been reprinted with permission
of General Motors Corporation, Service and Parts Operations" under License
Agreement #XXXXXX� in the forward section of their products. Those who
are not licensees and who use, copy, or distribute this information will
be subject to legal sanctions and remedies.

For this reason GM will: 1) vigorously enforce copyright protection, and if necessary
litigate against infringers, 2) follow up on reports of infringement received
from licensees and others concerned about the integrity of GM information,
3) notify infringers of their legal obligations with respect to licensing,
and 4) educate potential users of materials about their legal obligations
with respect to licensing.