GQ Electronics LLC,   as a high-tech company founded by MCUmall Electroics Inc Canada (parent company)  in June 2010, is a leading developer and manufacturer that specializes in electronic tools & instruments in USA.  Our main products include both software and hardware of Geiger counter nuclear radiation detectors, Embedded device programmers and adapters etc.


To prevent counterfeit products and protect intellectual property, GQ monitors eBay and the Internet for GQ’s registered trademark “True USB Willem”  "GQ"  "GQ-3X" and the GQ software copyright.


We also monitor eBay for the illegal use of our images and write-up in listings with GQ’s permission.

If you received an email about your listing, or your listing was removed by the eBay VeRO (Verified Rights Owners) program, your listing violated one of the following most common trademark or copyright infringements:


1.Image used in listing is copyright by GQ.

2.Item is not a GQ product but has GQ's Trademark and name.  This includes listings, which specify that the non-GQ item “fits GQ …” in the title of the listings.

3.Item is not a GQ product but has the GQ trademark in the description and/or title of the auction. This includes auctions using qualifiers such as “not”, “like”, “style”, etc.

4.Item is offered by a seller that sells counterfeit products that infringes GQ’s intellectual property.


It is illegal to manufacture, import, offer for sale, sell, advertise or distribute counterfeit products that infringe GQ’s intellectual property. These activities carry both criminal and civil penalties, are expressly prohibited by eBay and will result in your listings and user account being cancelled.


The “True USB Willem”, “GQ-3X” "GQ" word mark are all Trade Marks belonging to GQ Electronics LLC. The use of any of these Trade Marks without GQ's permission is Trade Mark infringement.


The GQ software is belonging to GQ Electronics LLC. The use of any of these software for commercial purpose is copyright infringement.


The only way to ensure that your items are genuine is to purchase them from a GQ eBay store, MCUmall eBay store, and online from