Our Family:
Bill, Jill, Chloe, Charley

Chloe is The Graydog. She's the Boss


Hello and Welcome! We'd like to tell you a little about ourselves and our work:

We are William Barnes & Jill Schlesinger, artists with a combined experience of over 60 years in woodworking and jewelry design. Our work has been featured in fine galleries and museum shows and is in collections worldwide. We have been offering our original designs on Ebay since 1998.

After almost 30 years of travelling back and forth to art and craft shows around the Western states, we were getting a little older, and so was Bob, our 1986 Dodge van. Then in 1998 we discovered eBay. It's so great! Now we can stay home with our doggies -- they love it. We don't have to do alot of "production" work to stock a show booth. And, best of all, we can take time to work on new designs and one-of-a-kind items and make the things we want to make.

We work hard, but we enjoy it more. Bill is out in the workshop (aka our little garage) every day with few exceptions. And I also get out there often to keep my hand in. The doggies are excellent supervisors. And until we can teach them to sand wood, Bill and I design and hand-craft each and every item that we offer on eBay. Please read our Guarantee below.

We are very grateful to our bidders and customers and eBay friends for making our eBay auction sites successful.  It's a happy combination of our hard work and your good taste!  :-D   We have always worked to offer a good product, with good customer service and scrupulously honest business practices over the years.  If you ever have any questions or concerns about us or our work, please don't hesitate to E-MAIL us.  We'd love to hear from you.

Our eBay auction sites feature our own hand-made Graydog Woodenware items  (it helps us share the e-paperwork).  We invite you to visit "graydogwood",  and "wilyumswood".  Please Click Here  to browse a combined gallery list of our Graydog auctions, including occasional Buy-It-Now values in our eBay stores.  Or just search for GRAYDOG.

We are offering our hand-turned, hand-carved crochet hooks for the user and for the collector. We were honored that the Crochet Guild of America chose us to create the commemorative crochet hook for their 2002 convention.  We use a variety of woods, including various species of Rosewood, strong durable and colorful "specialty woods," and other rare and unusual woods, as well as exciting and beautiful man-made materials. We appreciate the wonderful response from crochet artists all over the country and the world.  Bill says, "It makes me feel good to think of someone using the tools I make to create something beautiful."

We are also pleased to offer a selection of barrettes and single, double and triple-prong hairsticks, hairpins, and combs. As woodworkers, we pay particular attention to using strong, dense hardwoods, with beautiful color and figure. As well as fine hardwoods, we also enjoy using other strong materials, such as stainless steel, for our beaded hairpins, which Jill adorns with modern and vintage beads from around the world, to create unique, collectible hairpins and combs.

We often have other items of our hand-made "Woodenware" on our eBay auctions. Look for our knitting needles, laying tools, hand-carved letter openers, hardwood spatulas and butter spreaders, and other utensils and gift items.

Our Guarantee:  All items are designed and hand-made by Bill and Jill, under the loving supervision of our dogs, Chloe and Charley. In craft, our greatest joy and satisfaction come from the creation of new and different designs. And we want you to know that the many and varied designs you see on our pages over the years always have and always will come from our own hearts and minds. We take pride in our work and offer replacement or refund on any item you find to be unsatisfactory.

Thanks for coming to see us, and happy bidding!


Trademark Notice
The terms, including but not limited to, "Graydog Woodenware" "Graydog" and product names "Flame Spiral" "Flame" "Flow Hook" "Flow" "Yo Flow" "Curlys" "TOPO" are trademarks and the exclusive intellectual property of William Barnes and Jill Schlesinger, Graydog Woodenware, and may not be used without prior written consent.