Welcome to my "About Me" page.  

My name is Ursula Hock-Henschke, Urs or Ursa called by
friends. I was born in Germany but moved to the Netherlands in 1983 where
I live in a small town in the south west part of the country, close to
the sea.

My artwork covers a wide range, from painting/drawing on canvas and
paper, china painting to sculpturing and digital artwork. Since I was
a teenager I am attracted by "creating" stuff. I never have
seriously studied art, but followed some workshops for the different
sections I was interested in.

When I retired from work in 1990 I had more time to spend and I divided
it to my old passion [the art] and a new one, the passion for the Great
Pyrenees dog which came with adopting a puppy of this breed. In the early
90's I mostly did china painting and some commissioned work for friends
and acquaintances. The passion for the Great Pyrenees grew and I decided
, with the guidance of a very good friend/breeder/mentor, to breed my
first litter in 1993. The litter was born in may 1993 bearing my registered
kennel name: Ursa's Signum. Translated in English it means the sign of
the bear [Ursa is the Latin name for the female bear], or the sign of Ursa which is derived from my first name Ursula.

For 10 years I spent most of the time with my dogs, but occasionally
there was also time for my artwork. As you can imagine the models were
mostly my Great Pyrenees or in commissioned work the dogs of the clients.
Most of my work in this time was china painting.

In 2001 a big change came into my life as my husband died very unexpected
in december 2001. As I was not able to go on with breeding, the litter
born in january 2001 was my last one and I was happy that I kept brother
and sister from this litter, like I did from my first litter. they were
the children of the female I kept from my first litter. At that time
I had 7 Great Pyrenees and the German Shepherd of my husband. I kept
them as companions. Dividing my time between my dogs and my artwork kept
me busy and gave me useful distraction during this difficult time.

I was able to start selling my work on a more regular base and divided
it in two parts, one, only dedicated to the Great Pyrenees under the
name Great Pyrenees Fancy and the other dedicated to different subjects
under the name Ursa's Signum.

I discovered eBay and another place for selling my designs on different
range of merchandise: Cafepress. It is far from making a living out
of my work but at least I can buy some extra cookies for my furried family :-)
Lately I discovered the possibilities of creating artwork with the computer
which is very intriguing to me.

Why VeRO ?  

The downside of having my work and my photographs on the
internet is that people don't mind to copy things without permission.
So I decided to join the VeRO program of eBay to get more possibilities
to stop at least the selling of unauthorized copies and/or derivative
work here.

I hold all rights for my creations/artwork/photographs, the Great Pyrenees
Fancy and Ursa's Signum are registered in my name in the Netherlands
with the chamber of commerce.

All my work, past and recent, as such as photographs, paintings, drawings,
sculptures, web site text, logos and design, whether it appears on eBay,
my own sites or other sites offering merchandise with my design on it,
is protected under the Bernese Convention for the protection of literary
and artistic works. This convention is is leading for all international
copyright agreements. The WIPO [World intellectually Property Organization]
administers the Bernese Convention.

I am a member of eBays VeRO program, eBays Verified Rights Owner [VeRO]
program works to ensure that items listed for sale do not infringe the
copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights of third parties.

VeRO program members/participants may identify and request removal of
allegedly infringing listings.

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