By 1984 Wajcman and stich owned the Trade Name “Bill Lawrence” on equal basis. Stich left the company and returned to his homeland Germany.


In March 1985 THIRD NATIONAL BANK and DEGALIM INC. assigned the entire Trade Name “Bill Lawrence” to Jzchak Wajcman.


From 1984, Wajcman's company is manufacturing and selling Bill Lawrence Products to music stores and OEM nationally and internationally. Wajcman made for Dimebag Darrel the L500XL guitar-pickup that was used in his original "Dean From Hell" guitar, and also for the Washburn NUNO BETENCOURT and for a large number of other great guitarist.


On May 10/2007, the Distrit Court Southern District of California western region Case No. 05CV1200-LAB(CAB) entered judgement in the court protocol, that Jzchak Wajcman is the sole owner of the common law trademark "Bill Lawrence" for use on musical products for all fifty States and judgement is entered accordingly .


Wajcman owns the common law trademark, "Bill Lawrence" If a third-party infringes the Bill Lawrence trademark, Jzchak Wajcman has the sole right to protect and enforce that trademark with respect to products.


The use of the trademark “BILL LAWRENCE” in connection with a produc not made by the rightful “Bill Lawrence” trademark owner implies infringiment. For further information regarding Bill Lawrence Products visit us at