Verified Rights Owner Program (VeRO) Enforcement Information

Guthy-Renker, LLC.
("GR" or "Guthy-Renker") is the marketer, exclusive licensee
or owner of a variety of consumer products commonly sold on television, including,
but not limited to, Proactiv, Youthful
Essence, Anthony Robbins Get the Edge, Sheer Cover, Meaningful
Beauty, and Dean Martin.

Please refer to
the following FAQs if you are a consumer concerned about an auction listing
a Guthy-Renker product or if you are a seller whose auction or account was terminated
by eBay for reported misuse of a Guthy-Renker trademark.

Asked Questions

Why was my auction

Your auction was
most likely removed from eBay because it offered for sale unauthorized or counterfeit
merchandise featuring one of our trademarks, or the auction misused our trademark
or violated one of our copyrights. Guthy-Renker regularly monitors the Internet,
including auction sites, in order to protect its rights and has a legal responsibility
to defend against the misuse of its trademarks, copyrights, and intellectual
property. This includes, but is not limited to, website copy, catalog descriptions,
logos, and brand imagery—including box and bottle artwork.

Some of Guthy-Renker
products include "over the counter" ingredients and other ingredients
that are marketed in various countries under the laws and regulations of each
country. GR has strict quality control on the grade of products we use and
the expirations on each.

If your auction
was terminated in response to a request from GR, it means that the item you
were selling or the listing itself infringed an intellectual property right
owned by Guthy-Renker, or the product authenticity was in question.

Is there an
easy way to identify the authenticity of an auction or GR products?


works because GR enforces strict quality controls during its manufacturing
process to guarantee the end user has a product containing the freshest, purest
ingredients. Legitimate Proactiv products containing active OTC ingredients will have an expiration date stamped on the bottle or tube, this includes all bottles in our 3-piece system. Sometimes a seller will
indicate that the expiration date was left off at the factory. No bottle of our Proactiv 3-piece system will ever leave our warehouse for sale without a clearly-visible expiration date, factory seal, and identifying lot code.

is generally sold in kits (as seen on our website and catalogs). We do not sell
our products in bulk. Sometimes a seller will list auctions in odd combinations,
sizes, or lots. Authorized sales of legitimate product are never sold in this

Due to international regulations
and restrictions on some active ingredients, Proactiv is produced with different active ingredients for different countries. Some sellers will include bottles
intended for distribution in another country. These bottles will sometimes have labels in a different language.

Sometimes a seller
will display pictures of legitimate product but will later contact the winner
of the auction by email and offer to sell them a "newer" or "limited
edition" video containing all of the videos on one. These are inferior
quality copies not produced by Guthy-Renker. Please report all such auctions
to vero @

Why hasn't Guthy-Renker
suspended all auctions selling infringing or questionable products?

Guthy-Renker has
a proven track record of customer satisfaction selling quality products. Guthy-Renker
uses a variety of tools to monitor and identify the sale of questionable products
through unauthorized sources. Despite this, it is possible that some infringing
auctions escape our attention. The fact that others may be selling questionable
or infringing products does not give others the right to engage in the activity.
Nor does it prevent GR from ending those auctions and pursuing legal action
when it does become aware of infringement. If you wish to report an auction
that has not yet been suspended, please include the seller ID and auction
number in an email to vero @ Please be aware that we may not
be able to respond to all inquiries, but will investigate the complaint.

Why does Guthy-Renker
care about small sellers on eBay?

Guthy-Renker has
over 16 years of experience selling high quality products with a proven track
record of customer satisfaction that consumers have grown to trust. We are proud
of that record and will not allow that record to be tarnished by infringers
selling unauthorized products of questionable ingredients or fit and finish.
The sale of such products damages our reputation and leads to consumer complaints
from customers who do not realize the inferior quality product was not purchased
from Guthy-Renker. GR vigorously and aggressively enforces its intellectual
property rights to the goodwill associated with our brand names by using all
means available to us—including, but not limited to, suspension of auctions,
reporting repeat violators to eBay for possible account termination, as well
as both criminal and civil litigation against sellers peddling unauthorized
products bearing our trademarks.

I thought the
item was authentic when I purchased it. What if I bought it at a flea market?
Why can I resell it?

Paying for a product
does not automatically give you the right to resell it. The sale of infringing
product is illegal. Period. You can be held liable. Furthermore, the sale of
unauthorized OTC active ingredient products is regulated in many countries,
including the United States. The efficacy of expired products is questionable,
and counterfeit products could be harmful to the end user and illegal to distribute
in the country of receipt. Knowledge is not required for a seller to be liable
for damages under either the Federal Trademark Act or the Copyright Act. Guthy-Renker
will act aggressively to protect its customers and trademarks.

Can I use the
name of a Guthy-Renker product in my auction to sell another product?

Generally, no.
Federal trademark law prohibits you from using the name of any of our products
in such a way that potential buyers could become confused and come to believe
that the product you are auctioning has been produced, authorized, or otherwise
sanctioned by Guthy-Renker. If you use the name of a Guthy-Renker product in
your auction, you are risking confusion and may be violating federal law.

Can I use either
the Guthy-Renker logo or a Guthy-Renker brand logo (such as Proactiv) in my listings?

Generally, no.
Federal trademark law prohibits you from using one of our logos in such a way
that potential buyers could become confused and come to believe that the product
you are auctioning has been produced, authorized, or otherwise sanctioned by
Guthy-Renker. If you use a Guthy-Renker logo in your auction, you are risking
confusion and may be violating federal law.

Can I sell international
versions of Guthy-Renker products in another country?

No. Guthy-Renker
has different formulations to comply with the regulations of active ingredients
in each country. The import or export of those products may violate the laws
of your country or another.

Can I become
authorized to sell Guthy-Renker products on eBay?

No. In order to
guarantee the quality of product received, products must ship directly from
us. We do not authorize the redistribution of our products in the United States
over the web. Guthy-Renker cannot guarantee the authenticity of products purchased
through any other means nor warrant the efficacy of the product you receive.
If you have any questions or problems with products received through unauthorized
channels, you will need to contact the seller directly.

If you feel you
have received counterfeit product or would like to report the misuse of Guthy-Renker
trademarks or copyrights, please contact us at vero @ We will
investigate all complaints, however, we may not be able to respond with the
results of our investigation.