About Hillstock, LLC

Hillstock is an independently owned vintage stock image and greeting card company in Maine offering images spanning from the Victorian era through the 1950's. The Hillstock Collection™ is digitized directly from the vintage art sources in our private collection and is registered with the United States Copyright Office. We work with individuals, advertising firms, designers, small & large businesses and wholesale product manufacturers seeking high quality images with stunning print results.

Some sellers have been using Hillstock images to decorate their auctions without paying for a license, and in some cases even link to those images on our server, referred to as "hotlinking." This means that WE pay for your bandwidth in addition to being a victim of unauthorized usage. We take this seriously and will report those sellers to ebay immediately. Hillstock also sells digital collections that some people may believe they have the right to redistribute. Because we own the registered copyrights, people who do this are liable for payment of our legal expenses when we sue for damages. Please see www.copyright.gov for more information.

The Hillstock Collection™ © Hillstock, LLC. All rights reserved. Passing along the good old days since 2002.

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