Hoberman Products- the real thing?

Occasionally eBay sellers are selling items that are illegal knock-offs. Do not buy Or SELL them! If you receive a package that does not say "Hoberman" on it or does not have patent, copyright and trademark information. You have bought a knock-off. In particular be aware there are illegal Switch Pitch balls and Brain Twist puzzles being sold online at this time. Please contact me with information. We are a small family business and these knock offs from China are a huge problem for our business. Thanks.

Hoberman Designs takes it's intellectual property rights seriously. We may take legal action agains sellers of illegal knock-offs of our products.Hoberman has trademarks, patents and copyrights for it's toy designs in the USA. Hoberman's IP rights may not extend to UK & Europe. This statement is made without prejudice, The rights of Hoberman are currently under advisement from Hoberman's UK attorney. Hoberman holds copyrights in China for many designs. For more information about Hoberman toy products email me: designs@hoberman.com. Thanks.
Carolyn Hoberman

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