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Huggalugs is a fun and funky baby, children's and maternity clothing label. All Huggalugs products are designed to hug little ones in colour and are made in Australia using high quality materials, such as Australian grown organic cotton..

Huggalugs is a member of the eBay VERO program. Through this program, we are able to monitor and remove any auctions that illegally use our trademark, patent and intellectual property.  Huggalugs polices the auction site on a daily basis and actively removes any auctions that violate policies.

 Huggalugs will remove any auctions that unlawfully use our trademark and brand. This includes unauthorized use of our logo, images and text from our website, images and text from promotional materials and product shots.  It is illegal to use copyrighted images or text without consent of the owner.


We want our customers to have the best quality product and we will protect our brand accordingly. If you spot what you believe to be a fraudulent listing, or a listing violating our intellectual property, please contact us at