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The Insert Knowledge Here™ Team is commited to creating great training for students at great prices.  Our goal is simple:  allow ANYONE to get good quality training.  We believe people want to learn but can't afford the expensive training provided by other training companies and we want to solve this problem.


Another HUGE motivation for creating the IKH Team™ was we were disappointed in the current training offerings on eBay®.  We discovered that much of the training provided is actually the same copy of material being sold by multiple vendors.  While this is great for profit, it does a disservice to the potential buyer who thinks there is a difference between the offerings.  We are different; all our work is ORIGINAL training created by us.  We are educators first and business people second.  Our primary goal is to provide an acceptable avenue for people to learn technology.






VeRO Notification

Insert Knowledge Here™ (IKH) is a provider of training media in a variety of formats, and has been selling digital training media products since 2005. The IKH Team™ wishes to maintain a well-established reputation for its products and services.

IKH's copyrighted products includes many titles that are original programs and won't be found anywhere else. IKH provides training services to users purchasing products from us. IKH makes its content available only to legitimate customers who have purchased the product.

IKH takes very seriously its legal obligations to protect and enforce its copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights. IKH began enforcing rights on eBay® upon becoming aware that IKH content was being offered for sale without authorization. By working to stop unauthorized sales and use of its intellectual property, IKH hopes to protect its good name and reputation for high quality training, and to protect consumers from being deceived into believing that they are receiving legally made copies of IKH's copyrighted content.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of eBay®, it is impossible to prevent unlawful transactions in advance. The fact that an offering is made on eBay® does not mean that it is authorized or legal. Therefore, before purchasing content purporting to be from IKH or if you see sellers using the IKH name or any IKH trademarks, we urge you to contact IKH:

(1) to determine the authenticity of the materials being sold, and

(2) to determine if the sale, distribution, or other use of IKH content or the IKH name or trademarks has been authorized by IKH.

Even small sales or transactions can have serious consequences. Selling, distributing or otherwise offering materials owned by IKH or using IKH's name, without IKH's permission, violates the IKH license agreement and infringes upon IKH's intellectual property rights. In addition, the unauthorized sale, distribution or offering of these materials violates state, federal and international laws and treaties. In the United States, violators are subject to severe penalties for infringement.

If you wish to report a situation that you believe IKH should be aware of, please contact IKH at


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