About Us

Jacket4Bikes (Jackets for Bike Riders) is dedicated to providing motorcycle, sports bike, off road vehicle enthusiasts the best JACKETS, GLOVES, ARMOR, PROTECTECTIVE Equipment and related accessories. We guarantee 100% satisfaction and stand behind our products & services. All of our products come with money back guarantee. Now finding us on eByar is easier than ever.

Intellectual Property Notice: We ask that all eBay users refrain from using our intellectual property in any way. *Jackets4bikes works diligently to ensure that all the unauthorizeduses of its intellectual property are removed from the eBay website. Any unauthorized display, distribution or reproduction of Jackets4bikes images is against the US and International law. If your auction was removed from eBay itis because it had unauthorized use of Jackets4bikes intellectual property.

*Jackets4bikes is owned and operated by I2X Gears Inc.