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Zildjian History

Every company has a story:  Ours starts in 1623. Avedis Zildjian I (the first) was an alchemist in the city of Constantinople in the seventeenth Century.  His attempts to create gold by combining base materials led instead to a copper, tin, and silver alloy with unique sound qualities.  Avedis used this discovery to create cymbals of spectacular clarity and power.  The sound of the instruments was extraordinary and as his reputation grew he was given the name "Zildjian", an Armenian word meaning "son of cymbal maker."  The Zildjian secret alloy is now four centuries old.  It has been passed down between Zildjian heirs for fourteen generations.  Currently, Armand Zildjian's two daughters, Craigie and Debbie, are continuing the family tradition.  Zildjian has been officially recognized as the oldest continually family-owned business in America.  The Zildjian brand stands for more than expertise and a rich heritage of high quality craftsmanship.  It's essence is found in every thread of the drumming community, weaving together students, teachers, pros, old, young, and everyone in between.


Zildjian Registered Trademarks

Zildjian registered trademarks include the following: Zildjian, the stylized Zildjian logo, Avedis Zildjian Co. and Design logo, K Constantinople, the stylized "A" logo, A. Zildjian & Cie and Design, K Zildjian & Co., the K Zildjian & Co. and Design logo, the stylized "K" logo, the stylized "Z" logo, New Beat, Zilco, ZIL-BEL, ZXT, ZBT, DIP, Azuka, TITANIUM, ZXT Titanium and Design, the Color Silver for Cymbals, Applications of Titanium to Cymbals, and the ZXT logo.

Planet Z, Power Pro, RAW, ANTI-VIBE, BACKBEAT, ANTI-LOCK, and MASTERSOUND ANTI-LOCK SERIES are all trademarks of the Avedis Zildjian Co.

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