ghd is a registered trademark of Jemella Group Limited

ghd is an internationally recognised hair brand, trademarks relating to ghd are owned by Jemella Group Limited.

Worldwide recognition as the best in the industry would be worthless if the ‘ghd’ brand was not rigorously protected.

Jemella is a member of eBay’s VeRo (Verified Rights Owners) programme. This means that we can report infringements of our intellectual property rights directly to eBay.

Unfortunately there are ghd branded items offered for sale on eBay that were not manufactured or authorised by us. Jemella Ltd will not be responsible for the quality of these items. Counterfeit ghd branded products will not fall under our two year guarantee, regardless of what the seller might tell you.

We strongly advise that before you buy or sell a ghd product you visit for advice

Find an approved stockist

Failure to buy from ‘approved’ stockists may result in the purchase of a counterfeit iron which may mean you fall victim to an electrically unsafe product, identity theft, fraud or an invalid warranty.

Check if your styler is genuine

We recommend that you always register your ghd styler with us at When you visit our Product Registration page please make sure you enter all the information requested carefully. Don’t forget to follow the registration process all the way through to the end.




Q: Why do Jemella remove items from eBay?

A: Jemella has invested heavily in the ghd brand, counterfeit stylers damage our reputation.

Remember – fake electrical goods are dangerous and may cause electrocution, serious burns and hair damage.

Your listing may be removed if it infringes Jemella Ltd’s intellectual property rights.

Because of the way eBay works, we can only make this determination based upon your auction’s title, description or photographs.

Q: Can I use stock images in my eBay listing?

A: You must not use an image which is copyrighted by us in your listing. We recommend that you always take your own photographs.

Q: Why did eBay allow me to post my listing if it is against the law?

A: Due to the volume of listings received daily, eBay are unable to screen and filter all illegal listings. It is the responsibility of the rights owner to request the removal of illegal listings from eBay.

Q: Why can’t I use the word ‘ghd’ in my auction description even though I’m not selling a ghd product?

A: If you use the word “ghd” to describe a non-ghd product you may mislead consumers.

Q: I think my item is genuine. How can I tell if it is real?

A: You can verify your styler is genuine by registering it with us at Make sure you enter all the requested details carefully and that you follow the process all of the way through.

If you wish to discuss the removal of an eBay listing, please contact So we can help you as quickly as possible please make sure you quote your eBay username and the listing number for your auction.