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Hi My name is Jim Pace. I am a full time magician. I have co authored 2 books, published 5 videos and DVDs, and invented dozens of magic tricks and accessories.

25 years ago I started to create magic effects for my own use. This led to creating and marketing my magic effects all over the world. You may have heard of some of my creations, they include Hot leads fire wallet, Inviso Torch, The Alien Spinning Thing, The Igniter, The Flaming Comic Book, Master Flash, Sparkle Flash, The Web, Alien Autopsy, The Restaurant Workers Handbook, Jim Pace's A Material, The Volcano Wallet and many others.

My Hot Leads Wallet has been a best seller for those magicians who have business cards.  Hot Leads was created 8 years ago t hand your business card out in a way that your customer would remember for the rest of their lives... You will have to go to my store to see what I am talking about.


I want to ask for your help. Recently there have been some counterfeit, (Jim Pace) items that I have seen on line. Will you help me spot others? 

As of January 1st...My Hot Leads Wallet has been seen in a couple of places as a pirated version and I must warn you that these are cheap imitations of my product. Please do not support theft in our community. My wallet is made of genuine Italian Leather and it has those words embossed on the left hand side when you open the wallet. My instructions are clear. The cover art is crisp and in color.

If you see any of my products that you might suspect as an imitation, help me help you and report them to Ebay and Pay Pal.


Your Friend,

Jim Pace





Please look around my Ebay store. If you see something that you like  or multiple items that you would like a better price on...well, it never hurts to ask!


Any Jim Pace magic images, text, concepts, ideas, designs, creative works, names and symboles used are protected by the intellectual property laws and copyright laws of the United States. Jim Pace Magic takes great pride in the quality and originality of their copyrighted designs, and reserve the right to protect those designs by controlling their reproduction and distribution. Jim Pace Magic has policies in place which restrict the copying, reproduction, or remanufacturing any of these designs in any way without specific premission in writing from the owners of Jim Pace Magic also known as ( ) Ebay auctions which display unauthorized use of copyrighted Jim Pace Magic designs are subject to action to enforce the copyright. EBay has a program in place, called the Verified Rights Owners (VeRO) Program, to respond to notices from intellectual property rights owners that an auction is infringing upon intellectual property rights. We hope this information will assist you in understanding and complying with Jim Pace Magic. Further information on eBay’s intellectual property guidelines and federal laws governing the use of images and descriptions may be found on eBay at