Joseph Rorie
Rare Book Photographer
Hi, Everyone. I think it is important to preserve the knowledge that are contained in old books, and what better way than to photograph them, then make them available on a Cd or DVD disc to preserve the knowledge of old and rare books that may deminish or be destroyed by other means. The presevation of these books are my paramount goal, and while I do all the work I allow bidders to win the copies I make available and start them off at a very low starting bid, that way you the bidder sets the price as to what you will pay to help preserve these books and the information therein contained. It also helps me to finance the work further and to obtain other rare books to keep the knowledge here so it is not lost.
Copyright Infringment
I should expound on this issue a little so that the ebay commuity and bidders will understand a little copyright law. While the books I photograph are in themselves not under copyright protection which is the only legal reason I can produce the photographs, however my photographs of these books are under copyright protection. An example of this will illustrate this for you. Let's say I went to the Grand Canyon and took a picture of it so I can publish it for pay. The photograph is copyrighted by me, but I don't have the copyright on the Grand Canyon. If someone was to steal my pictures they would be in copyright infringment, but if they took their own pictures even at the same place, angle etc, then they could also publish their pictures. I hope this helps. I donot give premission to anyone to copy my photos for any reason whatsoever. Anyone violating my rights to my works is hereby warned that it is a violation to reproduce, copy or in any means duplicate my photos. You should accept this warning that I fully intend to carry all violations to the proper agencies. Feel free to do the same as I have done either by taking photos or typing out from an original book from your own source because you have the same right as I did, but my Photos are now copyrighted by me and they are not to be infringed upon without permission from me. Thanks for your understanding. I have been doing this for quit sometime, but only recently has an infringer caused me to make this notice which I am sure sounds harsh and may deminish my public image somewhat, but Fair is fair and Jesus said himself "the labour is worthy of his hire" , that is why I should be the collector on my labor, not some one else collecting on my labor. Labor a book out yourself even if it is the same title as mine then have the blessing of Christ to sell the same.