JRM Licensing

JRM Licensing, LLC (JRM) is the exclusive representative of JR Motorsports for the protection of the name, likeness, signature and all other trademarks related to Dale Earnhardt, Jr., DEJ Holdings, LLC and JR Motorsports, LLC as well as all identifying trademarks of the 2008 Hendrick Motorsports № 88 AMP/№ 88 National Guard NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race team and its affiliates and sponsors. JRM maintains the exclusive right to license for commercial purposes the use of the above mentioned properties and trademarks. No commercial use of these trademarks may be made without obtaining prior written consent from JRM.

If your auction has been ended by eBay, then the item you were attempting to sell incorporated one or more of the aforementioned intellectual properties and was not licensed by JRM. When purchasing merchandise displaying any JRM Marks on eBay, consumers should always look for the following characteristics to ensure the merchandise is officially licensed: -Find a product that you KNOW is officially licensed and study the car number on it (i.e. #88). It should look EXACTLY like the actual number on the race car. -All merchandise should display the name of the licensed manufacturer somewhere on the product or its labeling. -All merchandise should have the appropriate trademark designations (i.e., TM, or the 'circled R') next to a specific Mark. JRM is committed to ensuring that only officially licensed merchandise is offered for sale on eBay. JRM provides this page to assist eBay users in identifying auctions for unlicensed or illegal/counterfeit merchandise, and urges you to report them using the information provided below: JRM Licensing, PO Box 330, Mooresville, NC 28117. 704-799-4800. info@jrmotorsport.com


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