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Friesian in the storm



I was born in Amsterdam , Holland as Linda Marckelbach and immigrated to the United States when I was three years old.

My uncle on my mother's side is the Dutch portrait artist and painter, William Halewijn, whose many commissions include Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

I started out pursuing a career as an Opera singer but that is another story, although I still enjoy performing and practicing classical music and opera.

As with music, I studied art at several colleges and the University of Texas even though I don't hold an art degree.

While raising a family , I studied art and painting technique. Artists that inspire me and  whose work  I look to most  for guidance are  , Monet , Morisot , Van Gogh , Renoir , Rembrandt , Vermeer , Delacroix , Munnings ,  GF Morris , Sorolla , Agasse , Gericault , Remington , O'Keefe . I also love Picasso and Pollock.                               

I have a background in all mediums including acrylics , watercolors , oils, mixed media and all drawing mediums.

Before I discovered Ebay , I worked as a muralist both commercial and private , did commission portraits , and worked in interior design as a color consultant.

I also spent several years as a professional creating and selling faux finishes and uniquely painted furniture.


Siamese Cat 2009



My art of course, is a passion, and I love to paint .

Especially horses.

They have been a lifelong fascination for me. I grew up with horses and observe them every day. Horses have given me some of my most memorable moments, and in painting, to bring a horse to life with an earthy palette of colors, seems to come naturally to me.

 I also enjoy painting landscapes, people , other animals, and abstracts.

  • Time is the only thing that there is never enough of. 
  • It takes time to create a good painting. 
  • I'm constantly learning about color and color relationships.  
  • Experimenting with the free brushstrokes of alla prima, or wet on wet color application has been a great learning technique in oil painting.


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