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Welcome to King Technology. As a leading edge expert in pool and spa water treatment products, we specialize in technology that provides sparkling clear and clean water with less chemicals and much less work. With FROG®, New Water® and Sani-King product lines to choose from, we're sure to have a water care solution to fit your needs.

The FROG® brand product line and related products are manufactured exclusively by King Technology, Inc. and distributed through pool and spa professionals throughout the United States and the world. Frog® customers enjoy the full benefits that our EPA registered Pool Frog® and Spa Frog® products offer when properly used. These benefits include:

  • Less work with no daily dosing
  • Up to 50% less chlorine or bromine *
  • Softer water with a crystal clear shine
  • Reduces problems associated with chlorine, faded swimsuits, premature damage to equipment and surfaces, and smelly odors.

Unauthorized products advertised as FROG® brand products, or likenesses thereof, that are being illegally sold by an individual or a company may be of inferior quality and lead to unsafe conditions in and around your pool or spa.

King Technology has worked hard to build a reputation for quality products. We intend to work just as hard to protect our reputation and our customers through strict enforcement of our intellectual property rights against counterfeiters and infringers. King Technology has a legal responsibility to defend against the misuse of its intellectual property, trademarks and copyrights; therefore, we are member of the eBay VeRO Plus Program and regularly review eBay for our products.

Our goal in this process is to make users aware of the possible ramifications of the use of any unauthorized or illegally altered Frog® product. We strongly encourage any users who have purchased an unauthorized or illegally altered Frog® product to discontinue its use and either destroy it or return it to King Technology, Inc. To receive prepaid shipping tags and specific return instructions, please contact our Customer Service Department via phone at 800-222-0169 or via email.

King Technology, Inc. welcomes inquiries about our product lines. For more information call 800-222-0169 or visit our web site.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why was my auction item removed?

Your auction was most likely removed from eBay because it offered for sale unauthorized or counterfeit merchandise featuring one of our trademarks, or the auction misused our trademark or violated intellectual property rights or one of our copyrights.

What constitutes an illegal sale of King Technology products?

Any auction or sale that exhibits the unauthorized use of King Technology’s protected trademarks, copyrights and intellectual property including, but not limited to, logos, brand imagery, website copy, catalog descriptions, and artwork. Any King Technology product that is altered in any way or recommended for any use that conflicts with its labeling.

Can I refill a Pool Frog Bac Pac or a Frog Leap Torpedo Pac with bulk chlorine tablets?

It is a violation of federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. These products cannot be refilled as it is intended for one time use only. Our Pool Frog Bac Pac and Frog Leap Torpedo Pac have been specifically designed to erode only the bottom layer of chlorine tablets for more precise feeding and a longer life to the chlorine. In addition, they are factory pre-filled with slow dissolving 1” chlorine tablets then sealed for your safety. It is imperative that the Frog Bac Pac and Frog Leap Torpedo Pac are used only as designed with the proper chemical formulation; the use of fast dissolving chlorine or any other chemical in the empty containers could lead to harmful consequences. Attempting to refill a Pool Frog Bac Pac or a Frog Leap Torped Pac will void your warranty and could also damage your pool and create an unsafe swimming environment. In addition, there are numerous dangers involved in the improper handling of chlorine products. Possible harmful physical and chemical hazards include but are not limited to fire, explosion, chemical burns to the skin or eyes, and serious issues caused from inhalation or ingestion.

Based on the information I have read, I am now concerned that I may be using your products incorrectly. What should I do?

Contact King Technology immediately:

Customer Service Department
King Technology, Inc.

How can I get more information on your products?

Please visit our website or contact our Customer Service Department at 800-222-0169. Our Customer Service Department is staffed with CPO (Certified Pool Operator) trained professionals who can respond to any questions you may have.

Where can I purchase your products?

Please visit our website and simply select the Locate a Dealer tab. This will bring you to a list of dealers in your area. For additional assistance, contact our Customer Service Department at 800-222-0169. Our Customer Service Department is staffed with CPO (Certified Pool Operator) trained professionals who can respond to any questions you may have.

Can I purchase products directly from you?

Not at this time. King Technology products can be purchased from local pool or spa dealers or professionals in your area. Over the past 20 years, we have built a strong nation-wide network of pool and spa dealers that carry our products and can service your needs. They are the professionals in your area! For this reason we do not sell our products on-line or directly to the pool owner at this time.

To find an authorized pool or spa professional, visit our website and simply select the Locate a Dealer menu option.

* Compared to the minimum EPA recommended chlorine level of 1.0 ppm for a stabilized swimming pool,
or the minimum ANSI recommended bromine or chlorine level of 2.0 ppm for a spa.

are all U.S. Registered Trademarks of King Technology, Inc.

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