KiniArt™ studios

KiniArt™ studios

KiniArt™ studios is a US corporation specializing in the art and designs of the Licensed Contemporary Pup Artist, Kim Niles.

Kim is best know for her dog cartoon caricature art and published children's books featuring her most popular Westie Terrier art, as well as for her line of KiniArt gift items featuring her dog breed and other domestic and wild animal designs.

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Copyright protection:

Under present copyright law (effective Jan. 1, 1978), works are automatically protected by copyright as soon as it's been created in tangible form. Registration with the Copyright Office nor publication are required for protection under current copyright law, however as a registered US corporation, KiniArt™ does officially register it's intellectual property with the US Copyright office each month.

Reproduction, or use of KiniArt™ designs for sale, and/or images used to decorate your listings, is prohibited without prior written permission.

Purchasing KiniArt™ originals, prints, or printed gifts does not grant the buyer any of the following exclusive rights owned by the copyright owner, KiniArt™.

  • To use the trademark name KINIART in titles or descriptions.
  • To create derivative works from previous KINIART works.
  • To reproduce or distribute copies of KINIART works to the public by sale.
  • To use any artwork, image, or design found in KINIART auctions, stores, or websites, and/or on products designed by KINIART.

    KiniArt is a member of VeRO and ALL cases of copyright infringement will be reported immediately.

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