Lifted Research Group Inc. (L-R-G)

L-R-G is a member of the VeRO program and we strictly enforce proper use of our trademarks, services marks and copyrights. The distinctive photographic images and accompanying item descriptions appearing on our website and in our catalogs are protected by copyright and are not available for general use. Lifted Research Group Inc.  owns the exclusive rights to all website and catalog images and that are not licensed for use on eBay. Information on eBay�s intellectual property guidelines and federal laws governing the use of images may be found on eBay at L-R-G is trademark of Lifted Research Group Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q: Why was my auction suspended?
A: We asked eBay to suspend your auction because L-R-G believes that the merchandise that you were offering for sale is counterfeit or otherwise infringes L-R-G�s trademarks. Because of how eBay works, we sometimes can only make this determination based upon your auction's title/description/photographs.

Q: Why did eBay allow me to post my auction?
A: eBay claims that it cannot conduct a comprehensive pre-screening of their auctions. The fact that eBay permitted your item(s) to be listed for sale does not mean that their sale is legal or that they do not infringe L-R-G�s trademarks.

Q: Why does L-R-G care if I sell a single piece of unauthorized L-R-G merchandise?
A: Sellers of counterfeit merchandise attempt to trade off of L-R-G�s well-earned reputation. Sales of counterfeit goods damage L-R-G�s reputation, as many of the purchasers of inferior counterfeit products will attribute the poor quality merchandise to L-R-G.

Q: I think that the item I offered is genuine. How can I tell if it is real?
A: We cannot provide the public with detailed information on how to identify genuine L-R-G items. The only way you can be certain that you are purchasing a genuine L-R-G fashion product is to purchase from an L-R-G authorized dealer.  For a list of  authorized dealers, please see our website

Q: Why can't I use the word "L-R-G" in my auction heading even though I am not selling an L-R-G item?
A: Many eBay sellers use the trademarked term "L-R-G" in their auction title or description simply to get attention from consumers looking for authentic L-R-G goods. This is a form of trademark infringement recognized by the courts as "initial interest confusion." Even though consumers may ultimately realize that an auction or website has no connection to L-R-G, such conduct is illegal trademark infringement, and is an attempt to take a free ride off L-R-G�s name and reputation.

Q: Why can't I describe my item as "L-R-G -STYLE", "L-R-G-LIKE" or a similar phrase?
A: Due to L-R-G�s fame and reputation, a person who sees the L-R-G name is likely to believe that the goods are in some manner connected with or endorsed by L-R-G. Such confusion as to association or sponsorship is a form of trademark infringement and violates federal and state laws.

Q: Why didn't L-R-G contact me directly before reporting my auction to eBay?
A: For reasons of speed and efficiency, it is impractical to contact each seller individually. In order to maintain its reputation and name, L-R-G must work diligently and speedily to protect its reputation for providing the highest quality products, and to stop the sale of inferior products under its name and trademarks.