Selling counterfeit or infringing LACOSTE products is against the law and carries civil and/or criminal penalties. 




French tennis star Rene Lacoste founded the Lacoste brand in 1933, collaborating with France's’s largest knitwear manufacturer to create a line of shirts embroidered with the now-famous alligator or crocodile logo that symbolizes the brand.  The logo, which alludes to Rene Lacoste’s nickname "Crocodile", is believed to be among the first trademarks ever to appear on the outside of an article of clothing.


The original Lacoste polo shirt, made of a light knit pique fabric, revolutionized men’s sportswear, and has since become a classic.  In addition to the classic polo shirt, the Lacoste product line now includes a broad range of men’s and women’s apparel, footwear and accessories, as well as fragrances, eyewear, watches and leather goods.  Today, genuine products bearing the Lacoste name and logo continue to uphold the brand’s long tradition of excellence in quality, comfort and style.


Lacoste products are sold in Lacoste boutiques and at select high-end retailers throughout the United States and worldwide.  For the location of a Lacoste boutique near you, please visit our website at


Trademarks and Copyrights


The Lacoste name and logo are registered trademarks in the U.S. and throughout the world and the Lacoste logo is also protected by copyright.  Anyone using any of Lacoste’s trademarks or copyrights without authorization is violating U.S. law and the laws of other countries, and faces civil and/or criminal liability.  Lacoste actively defends its intellectual property rights, employing a global team of attorneys and investigators and working closely with law enforcement to bring counterfeiters to justice and protect consumers from fraud.


Unfortunately, most “LACOSTE” products offered on eBay are counterfeits or infringements of Lacoste’s trademark rights.  The sale of such merchandise is illegal.  Lacoste cautions eBay members against reselling “LACOSTE” products on behalf of other members who may contact you for this purpose.  Such products are usually counterfeits.  Lacoste has taken and will continue to take aggressive action against those who violate its trademark and copyright rights to protect the integrity of the Lacoste brand.


Consumers can ensure that they are purchasing authentic, authorized Lacoste merchandise by shopping exclusively at Lacoste boutiques and authorized retailers.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Why has my auction been removed?

A:  Lacoste is a member of eBay’s Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) program , which allows us to request the removal of auctions that we believe violate Lacoste’s trademark or copyright rights.


Q:  How can I tell whether my item is genuine Lacoste merchandise?

A:  Lacoste cannot disclose to the general public the criteria it uses to determine whether goods are genuine, because to do so would assist counterfeiters in improving their products.  The only way to be certain that you are purchasing genuine Lacoste merchandise is to shop exclusively at Lacoste boutiques and authorized retailers.  For the location of a Lacoste boutique near you, please visit our web site at


Q:  Why didn’t Lacoste contact me before having my auction removed?

A:  Because of the large number of auctions for counterfeit or infringing Lacoste merchandise, it is not possible for Lacoste to contact the seller before having each auction removed.  Instead, we follow the procedures eBay has established for the protection of brandowners through its VeRO program.


Q:  Why did eBay list my auction if it violates the law and eBay’s user agreement?

A:  eBay does not pre-screen every auction to determine whether it is unlawful prior to listing it.  Therefore the fact that eBay allows an auction to be listed in no way means that the item for sale is not counterfeit or infringing.


Q:  Why was my auction removed when other sellers continue to offer counterfeit or infringing “LACOSTE” merchandise?

A:  Lacoste expends substantial effort and resources to monitor online auctions and stop the sale of counterfeit or infringing merchandise.  However, because of the vast number of auctions on eBay at any one time, some unlawful auctions may escape our notice.  If you believe that an auction violates Lacoste’s intellectual property rights, please contact us at, informing us of the auction number and title, and we will take appropriate action.


Q:  Why did Lacoste have my auction removed when I was selling only a single item?

A:  We are committed to protecting the integrity of the Lacoste brand.  We take any counterfeiting or infringement of Lacoste trademarks and copyrights seriously, regardless of the number of items involved.


Q:  What if I did not know that my item was counterfeit or infringing?

A:  Ignorance is not a defense to violating Lacoste’s intellectual property rights under U.S. and other countries’ laws.  Even if you have not acted willfully, your sale of counterfeit or infringing merchandise is unlawful.  Any “LACOSTE” item that is not purchased from a Lacoste boutique or authorized retailer may very well be counterfeit or infringing.  Therefore, anyone selling “LACOSTE” items purchased from any other source has reason to know that their actions are most likely unlawful, and a court may find willful trademark infringement, and impose accordingly severe penalties, on that basis.


Q:  What if I only used the word “LACOSTE” in the title of my auction or my item description, but was not selling any items bearing any Lacoste trademarks?

A:  The Lacoste name is a registered trademark for a wide range of products as well as for retail services, and may only be used with the authorization of Lacoste.  The use of the Lacoste name in connection with the sale of goods that come from a source other than Lacoste infringes and dilutes Lacoste’s trademark rights.


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Lacoste takes aggressive action against violations of its trademark and copyright rights, using all available remedies to impose civil and criminal sanctions on counterfeiters and infringers of Lacoste’s intellectual property.