Kai Z Feng, Photographer


Kai Z Feng Limited is a member of eBay's VeRo program. We strictly enforce the intellectual property rights and copyrights of the photographer Kai Z Feng against unauthorized users. The photographic images appearing on the official website of Kai Z Feng and other websites are protected by copyright and are not available for use without the express written permission of Kai Z Feng Limited. We do not permit or authorize the use of any of our intellectual property (photographs and images) on eBay without written consent.


Further information regarding eBay's intellectual property guidelines, and federal laws covering the use of images, may be found on eBay at : http://pages.ebay.com/help/community/png-copyrighteditems.html

If you have any further queries, please contact our legal team at legal@kaizfeng.com





Information About Auctions Generally

Q. Why was my auction suspended?

A. If your auction was terminated in response to a request from Kai Z Feng Ltd or our representative, it means that the item you were selling or the listing itself infringed an intellectual property right owned by Kai Z Feng Ltd. Some of the factors that help to identify infringing merchandise are described below.

Q. Is there an easy way to identify infringement of the images produced by Kai Z Feng?

A. The products with infringement of Kai Z Feng are most frequently sold on eBay include craft or home-made items (including artwork), pirated or bootleg prints, calendars and memorabilia, and promotional materials that were not sold or distributed for resale by Kai Z Feng. Generally, there is no manufacturer or company designation. In the fine arts, there is no certificate of authenticity.

Q. Why does Kai Z Feng Limited care about small sellers on eBay?

A. Kai Z Feng works hard to preserve the integrity of his name and his copyrights, trademarks and paper goods. Consumers may attribute to Kai Z Feng the inferior quality of unauthorized products purchased over eBay.

Q. What if I use artwork that is in the public domain?

A. Kai Z Feng photographs are not in the public domain. Some operate under the mistaken belief that, if they can download an image from the Internet, that the image is public domain.This is not true. Public domain exists either because the copyright term has elapsed or because the copyright owner has not elected to assert copyright ownership. Neither is true with respect to Kai Z Feng photographs.

Q: What if I didn't realize I was violating the law or infringing the rights of Kai Z Feng Limited?

A: Innocent intent is not a defense under British and international trademark law, or under British and international copyright law. You have a responsibility to ensure that your actions do not violate someone else copyrights. Before auctioning any property you need to take affirmative steps to ensure that the item you are selling is authorized for resale by the copyright or trademark owner.

Q: Why hasn't Kai Z Feng Limited suspended all auctions selling infringing products?

A: Kai Z Feng Limited vigorously enforces its rights. It is possible that some infringing auctions escape our attention. The fact that others may be selling products that infringe the rights of Kai Z Feng Limited does not give others the right to do so nor does it prevent Kai Z Feng Limited from ending those auctions about which it does become aware. If you want to report an infringing listing that has not been suspended, please send the information along with the seller name and the eBay item number to infringement@ebay.com or to legal@kaizfeng.com