LetterRip Decals

Stickfamily artwork created by Robert Daniels and used on our websites: http://www.LetterRip.net www.stickfamily.net www.stickfamily.us www.family-decals.com & http://letterripdecals.com are copyright protected under the U.S. copyright law. We currently DO NOT sell nor have ever sold the rights for anyone to use any of our images. Anyone selling our images or products with our images on them is in a violation of our copyright.

If you have any questions on copyrights, or copyright laws, there are several informative websites that can explain copyright laws such as this one: http://www.whatiscopyright.org/ We do not tolerate companies or individuals who use our images without permission.
In order to protect our name and our business reputation, we are a validated member of Ebay's Verified Rights Owner Program (VeRO). We do periodically check eBay auctions as well as act on information given to us by outside individuals. If there is a violation or an infringement of our Intellectual Copyright, we will act accordingly and report the infringing listings to VeRO. This may result in cancellation of the auction. Occasionally, If you have an inquiry or wish to report an infringing listing please contact the following email addresses