lia sophia is a designer, manufacturer and marketer of beautiful, high-quality jewelry made from genuine materials at affordable prices. Our jewelry is distributed exclusively through independent direct sales Advisors primarily at home parties. All lia sophia jewelry purchased through our active Advisors comes with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.

lia sophia does not authorize its Advisors to sell on eBay. lia sophia will not honor any returns or exchanges without a lia sophia issued receipt showing the Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.

Trademark Infringement

lia sophia owns numerous copyrights, trademarks and service marks, including, but not limited to “lia sophia.” The lia sophia Marks are the subject of numerous copyright and trademark registrations in the United States as well as in many other countries world wide. Due to its popularity, reputation and high demand, lia sophia has been targeted by counterfeit sellers.

lia sophia takes trademark infringement very seriously. Removing infringing listings on eBay is just one of several courses of action we may take to protect the integrity of our brand and to protect consumers from buying poor quality, counterfeit products. All sellers who infringe the lia sophia brand will have their listings removed and risk suspension from eBay. Additionally, lia sophia reserves the right to prosecute repeat offenders to the fullest extent of the law.

Although we monitor and remove counterfeit or otherwise infringing listings daily, there is still a significant amount of counterfeit lia sophia jewelry available on eBay. The sale or advertisement of these items is illegal.

The vast majority of the general public does not truly understand the effects of counterfeiting.

Consider the following:

  • Counterfeiters may not adhere to safety, health, human rights, or environmental regulations when manufacturing counterfeit jewelry.
  • Counterfeit jewelry deprives the consumer of the assured high quality standards of lia sophia because this jewelry does not undergo lia sophia’s stringent inspection process. This poor quality jewelry thereby damages the reputation of lia sophia.
  • Counterfeiters unfairly profit at the expense of legitimate businesses.

For these reasons, ending counterfeit sales is a top priority for lia sophia. In order to protect consumers and its intellectual property, lia sophia uses the VERO program to remove counterfeit or otherwise infringing listings. As the owner of the lia sophia trademarks, lia sophia has an obligation to police their use.

Is it real? Some factors to consider:

  1. Origin – Our jewelry is distributed by our Independent lia sophia Sales Advisors in the United States, Canada and Germany. Be suspicious of any lia sophia branded jewelry offered from international buyers. Also, any listings advertising that they are direct from the factory are counterfeit.
  2. Suspicious listings – Any listings selling large quantities of certain items or “lots” are most likely to be counterfeit items. Also, some sellers omit using the words “lia sophia” when listing counterfeit lia sophia jewelry in order to avoid detection.
  3. Deep discounts - Is the deal too good to be true? Then it probably is! lia sophia jewelry is of the highest quality and made from genuine materials. If you come across very inexpensive lia sophia jewelry, those pieces are very likely to be counterfeit.
  4. Tags and stamps on the jewelry are unfortunately irrelevant, since counterfeit goods often have counterfeit tags and are stamped as well. Also, the counterfeit jewelry is sometimes packaged in lia sophia boxes purchased from eBay to make them appear legitimate.

The only way to guarantee that you are buying genuine lia sophia jewelry is to buy it from an active Independent lia sophia Sales Advisor. Use the Locate an Advisor feature on the lia sophia website to locate an authorized Sales Advisor near you.

Other things to remember:

The lia sophia trademark may not be used in phrases such as “lia sophia style” or “like lia sophia.” Also, no lia sophia marks or logos may be used in eBay or other such listings.

"lia sophia" is a registered trademark and cannot be used for selling jewelry or accessories which are not made by lia sophia.

Copyright Infringement

Please note that lia sophia copyrighted works, including style guide or website images or content, are the exclusive property of lia sophia and are protected by U.S. and international copyright laws. The use, distribution or replication of these copyrighted works on eBay or other sites is prohibited and constitutes copyright infringement.

Reporting suspect eBay sellers

If you come across a seller on eBay that you suspect is violating our trademark, please contact us at with the seller’s username, item number and/or link of the listing and we will investigate the matter.