Lipsy Limited's trade marks are protected as registered trade marks in the UK and certain other countries around the world, and its images are protected by copyright. The design of Lipsy's garments is protected by unregistered design rights.

The use or reproduction of any Lipsy images, designs, trade marks or logos without the written permission of Lipsy is prohibited. Consequently, if you undertake in any unauthorised use of the same this may result in civil or criminal actions against you. Lipsy is 100% committed to enforcing its intellectual property rights against unauthorised users and in particular has a zero tolerance approach towards the sale of counterfeit Lipsy products.

If you are looking to buy genuine Lipsy products, we recommend that you visit our website at or buy from one of our authorised stockists.

Lipsy’s rights are not restricted to the United Kingdom and are protected in many countries worldwide.







Q: Can my auction be terminated or details of my sale items be removed by eBay?           

A: Yes. eBay will do this if we notify them that you offer goods which:

(a) display our trademarks without our authorisation

(b) are counterfeit

(c) reproduce images which infringe our copyright

(d) otherwise infringe our rights

Q: Can my auction be terminated if other similar auctions are allowed to continue?            

A: We continually monitor auction sites and although an auction site is active it may be infringing our rights.

If we become aware of this, we will take action to have the auction terminated.

Q:  Can I use text or images taken from Lipsy’s website on my eBay site of other website? 


A. No. Copying any text or images from Lipsy’s website will infringe our copyright and is an offence.

Q: Can I resell Lipsy goods on eBay? 

A: Yes. If you have purchased a genuine item from Lipsy’s stores or website.

Q: Can I use Lipsy’s trademarks and brand names to describe the goods on eBay?           

A: Yes. If you are selling a genuine item you purchased directly from Lipsy stores or websites.

If you purchased the goods from another source, use of Lipsy’s trademarks and brand names will infringe our rights and action will be taken to prevent this occuring.

Q: Can I infringe Lipsy’s rights if I was not aware of them?                                               

A: Yes. Ignorance of the law is not a defence. You should make sure that you are aware of your legal obligations to avoid infringing another party’s rights.



Q: Can I tell if items sold on eBay are genuine Lipsy goods?                                           

A: No. The only way to guarantee that you are purchasing genuine Lipsy goods is to buy from Lipsy stores and websites.

If you purchase from eBay and are not happy with the authenticity of your goods, unfortunately Lipsy cannot replace your goods or give you any compensation.

Q: Can Lipsy confirm that the goods on eBay are genuine Lipsy goods?                           

A: No. We do not verify the authenticity of goods sold on eBay.


If you have any queries about an eBay auction concerning Lipsy items, you should email Brand Protection on or call 0207 462 9177.