Car-Freshner Corporation

Welcome to the About Me page for the LITTLE TREES air fresheners.  Wherever you live, you have probably seen our products freshening the air.  They were invented in 1952 by Julius Sämann, and today are known by several names around the world (LITTLE TREES, CAR‑FRESHNER, ARBRE MAGIQUE, MAGIC TREE, WUNDER‑BAUM).  But they all share a common distinctive Tree logo, and a common focus on freshness and quality.


The Tree design and the names we use around the world tell consumers that products come from us.  The design and the names are registered around the world as trademarks.  It is therefore illegal to make or to sell products using these trademarks without the permission of the trademark owner.  More importantly, it is also illegal to make or sell anything that is similar to the trademarks.


Selling air fresheners on eBay or otherwise using our Tree design, our trade names or our trade dress is trademark infringement and in many cases counterfeiting.



1.       Don’t sell Tree-shaped air fresheners unless they come from us;

2.       Don’t use our trademarks (including "Car-Freshner” or anything similar) for products unless they come from us.


When in doubt, send us an email at  We’ll be happy to help you determine whether product is genuine or fake, and how to properly use our trademarks.


In order to protect our customers and our brand, we take trademark infringement and counterfeiting very seriously, and will take whatever steps are necessary to stop it.  Whether you are a buyer or a seller, counterfeiting is not worth the risk.


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