Kate Spade & Company


Kate Spade & Company debuted on February 26, 2014, but the initial sparks formed far earlier in the minds of two imaginative and driven women. Liz Claiborne (in 1976) and Kate Spade (in 1993), each frustrated they couldn’t find what they believed women were looking for in the marketplace, took matters into their hands and founded their own successful companies. And so the spirit of our company was born.

Today, Kate Spade & Company is three global lifestyle brands with more than 200 shops in over 20 countries, and distribution in over 450 premiere department stores around the world.

kate spade new york
She is quick, curious, playful and strong. kate spade new york inspires women to live colorfully, delivering on our promise to help her lead a more interesting life. Our once handbag company has expanded its offering into clothing, jewelry, watches, shoes, stationery, eyewear, fragrance, tabletop, and gifts. In every time zone and on every continent, kate spade new york is a global lifestyle brand offering aspirational luxury with a clever wit and playful charm that is distinctly our own.

Kate Spade Saturday
At Kate Spade Saturday, we believe that getting dressed should be a lot of fun. Putting our own spin on casual, we’re channeling the carefree spirit of the weekend and bringing it to every day of the week with smart silhouettes, honest fabrics, and a sense of spontaneity. An American brand with an international outlook, we opened our first store in Tokyo in March 2013 and, that same month, launched our US-based online store, Saturday.com. Today we operate ecommerce businesses in Asia and North America, with stores in Tokyo, Singapore, New York, Houston and Los Angeles.

Jack Spade
Jack Spade grew out of the simple idea that useful products could also be stylish. With the belief that good design solves a problem with straightforward solutions, the brand uses timeless and durable materials, delivering unexpected happiness to its customers. Jack Spade understands that taste and style say more about someone than fashion or trends. As a brand it stands for smart designs and ideas to help men live a layered life. Offering apparel, accessories, bags and curiosities that project the brand's sensibilities, Jack Spade speaks to an expanding collection of discerning customers in the U.S., with a small but burgeoning business abroad.
In addition to it’s core brands, Kate Spade & Company also operates the Adelington Design Group, a private brand jewelry design and development division.







kate spade


kate spade draws women into a world that's culturally curious, intellectually alive, and glowing with irresistible allure. there are stories to capture the imagination, and dramas to unfold. kate spade encourages women to star in their own lives. to be courageous. to indulge their many passions. to tune out the noise of fashion fads and mediocrity in all its forms. kate spade is the brand that helps women express their own personal style with incandescent charm and a dash of rebellion.


We have registered or applied for registration of a number of trademarks, including those referenced above, for use on accessories products, including apparel in the United States as well as in numerous foreign territories. We regard our trademarks and other proprietary rights as valuable assets and believe that they have significant value in the marketing of our products. We vigorously protect our trademarks and other intellectual property rights against counterfeiting and/or infringement. The manufacture, distribution and/or sale of counterfeit goods is illegal and carries both civil and criminal penalties. Accordingly, Kate Spade & Company is a member of the eBay VeRO Program and provides this page to educate eBay users about the potential counterfeit and/or infringing Kate Spade & Company products (Kate Spade New York / Kate Spade Saturday / Jack Spade) for sale on eBay.




Q:        Why was my auction terminated?


A:        Your eBay auction was most likely ended because we believe the merchandise being sold was a counterfeit Kate Spade item or otherwise infringed upon the Kate Spade mark. Given the nature of eBay and the Internet generally, decisions are made based upon descriptions and photographs.


Q:        Why did eBay allow me to post my auction?


A:        eBay is unable to pre-screen their auctions for all unauthorized uses. Therefore, just because eBay posted your auction does not mean that the sale is legal.


Q:        Does Kate Spade & Company care if I sell a single piece of unauthorized Kate Spade merchandise?


A:        Yes: Kate Spade & Company has spent a considerable amount of time and money developing and maintaining a reputation for providing high quality merchandise and services to its customers. The auction of counterfeit merchandise, even a single item, causes damage to Kate Spade & Company's (Kate Spade New York / Kate Spade Saturday / Jack Spade) well-earned reputation.


Q:        Can Kate Spade & Company tell me if the item I offered is authentic/genuine/real? How can I determine if an item is authentic/genuine/real?


A:        No: The only way to ensure that you are purchasing an authentic Kate Spade product is to purchase from an authorized Kate Spade retailer, such as one of our specially selected specialty or department stores.  It is impossible to provide the public with detailed information on how to identify genuine Kate Spade merchandise because counterfeiters could use this information.


Q:        Can Kate Spade & Company (Kate Spade New York / Kate Spade Saturday / Jack Spade) verify the authenticity claims of merchandise for sale on eBay?


A:        No: Kate Spade & Company cannot verify the authenticity of any item for sale on eBay.


Q:        Can I use the words “Kate Spade New York / Kate Spade Saturday / Jack Spade” in my auction heading even though I am not selling Kate Spade New York / Kate Spade Saturday / Jack Spade?


A:        No: Use of the words “Kate Spade New York / Kate Spade Saturday / Jack Spade” is misleading because it wrongfully implies that there is a legitimate connection between the items sold and the use of the name when no such connection exists.


Q:        Can I describe items as “Kate Spade New York / Kate Spade Saturday / Jack Spade-Like” or use other similar phraseology?


A:        No: Use of the words "Kate Spade New York / Kate Spade Saturday / Jack Spade" in any manner is likely to confuse the purchaser into believing that the item or items is associated with or endorsed by Kate Spade & Company, which is contrary to both state and federal laws.


Q:        Can I list an item if I expressly say that it is “Not Genuine,” “Fake,” or other similar phraseology?


A:        No: Disclaimers regarding the authenticity of the product do not relieve the seller from civil or criminal liability.


Q:        Can Kate Spade & Company (Kate Spade New York / Kate Spade Saturday / Jack Spade) contact me directly before reporting my auction to eBay?


A:        No: It would be impossible for Kate Spade & Company (Kate Spade New York / Kate Spade Saturday / Jack Spade) to contact each and every seller of counterfeit merchandise given the high volume of Kate Spade New York / Kate Spade Saturday / Jack Spade items posted on eBay.


Q:        If I did not realize that I was infringing and/or counterfeiting Kate Spade & Company intellectual property rights, can I still be held responsible?


A:        Yes: According to federal law, innocent intent does not negate civil or criminal liability. You have a responsibility to take affirmative steps to ensure that you are not violating any rights of the trademark holder.





Should you have additional questions and/or comments, not addressed in this About Me page, feel free to contact trademark@katespade.com. We will do our best to respond to your message as soon as possible.