Luxe Purses Copyright Information

Luxe Purses is a member of eBay's VeRo program.

Luxe Purses sells Authentic Designer Handbags in our eBay Store, on our Website, and on other online venues. Luxe Purses photographs each and every item we sell.

Any photographs used and included in our listings on eBay, on our website, or on other websites that we sell our products on, are protected by Federal Copyright Law and are not available for use, by anyone, at any time.

Any usage of our images, without our permission, constitutes copyright infringement and is subject to penalties of up to $15,000 per image infringed upon. Anyone found to be using our images without permission will also be responsible for our legal fees, when we are forced to prosecute this matter in Federal Court.

This copyright protection also applies to the text and wording contained within Luxe Purses listings on eBay and websites.

Here are the rules that need to be followed:

1. Item Description and Picture Theft:

eBay members are not allowed to use another eBay user's copyrighted pictures or descriptions in their listings. Users must use their own images and descriptions when selling items on Ebay. Listings that violate eBay's Picture and Description Theft policy may be removed early. Multiple violations of this policy can result in suspension.

The following examples are not allowed on eBay:

1. The seller copies a substantial amount of another sellers description (or copies the info from the product manufacturers website) and pastes it into their listing.

2. A seller takes someone else's picture and includes it in a listing since it looks very similar to the item the seller is offering.

3. The seller copies pictures and/or text from another copyrighted website or rights owner.

Remember: If you didn't take the image yourself, you have no "rights" to use the image.

If you see Luxe Purses copyrighted images being used on a website or selling platform, that does not have the Luxe Purses name attached to it, please report the offending website or listing to us so we may investigate it.

Thank you.

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