At Madame Talbot's Victorian Lowbrow are intent on bringing you unique and unusual products that you just won't find anywhere else.

We feature the exquisite pen-and-ink work of Madame Ashleigh Talbot. Her gorgeous work is then offset printed on wonderful paper stock. Absolutely no computers were used in the creation of these posters.

We certainly hope that you will find something that you just can't live without.

We are a small old-fashioned business so you can call, email or fax us, either way, we will get back to you quickly. 



Madame Talbot aka Ashleigh Talbot as sold by eBay seller name madametalbot is a member of eBay's Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) Program since January 2005.

Copyright Protection Is Automatic

Under the present copyright law, which became effective Jan. 1, 1978, a work is automatically protected by copyright when it is created.

A work is created when it is "fixed" in an original painting or in a copy for the first time. Neither registration in the Copyright Office nor publication is required for copyright protection under the present law.

None of Ashleigh Talbot's works may be reproduced in any form or by any means, without the written permission of the Ashleigh Talbot and/or Brennan Dalsgard Publishers.

Purchasing or obtaining a poster, book or any framed curio exhibit does not give to the purchaser any of the following exclusive rights granted to the copyright holder Ashleigh Talbot aka Madame Talbot:

~ To create derivative works from Ashleigh Talbot's current or previous works.

~ To reproduce copies of Ashleigh Talbot's current or previous works to the public by sale.

~ To use any of the text, logos, banners, photographs, images, products: the titles and descriptions, web designs, etc. that is used in our eBay auctions and eBay store listings, and our website: and in any of the finished products which Ashleigh Talbot created, produced, sells, etc.

We will search eBay listings, accordingly, to protect Ashleigh Talbot's works and rights against unauthorized use and infringement.