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Welcome. Please read the following before listing an item with the name "Mamiya®" "Sekonic®" "Profoto®" or “Pocketwizard®”
This message/page provides awareness of the USA Trademark Laws applying to Mamiya, Sekonic , Profoto and Pocketwizard’s trademarks registered in the United States.

Trademark and Gray Market Warning Notice

MAC Group, an American-owned company not related to foreign suppliers, has registered the MAMIYA, SEKONIC and PROFOTO Trademarks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO), and has recorded these marks with the United States Customs Service for legal import restrictions in accordance with 19 C.F.R. Part 133.

Under Section 526 (a) of the US Tariff Act of 1930, the importation of any foreign-origin merchandise bearing the MAMIYA, SEKONIC or PROFOTO trademarks, without the written consent of the MAC Group, is unlawful and prohibited. Unauthorized importations are subject to possible seizure and forfeiture by the United States Customs Service.

MAC Group is actively working with Customs to enforce these trademarks aggressively. MAC Group will also pursue all of its available remedies for injunctive relief and damages against any companies or persons who import, distribute, sell or otherwise deal in gray market merchandise bearing these trademarks.

MAC Group cannot guarantee the quality or authenticity of any product, or that the warranty is applicable or enforceable for any product, that does not come in the original box bearing the maroon and white label with barcode, or which is not specifically purchased through one of your authorized distributors or retailers. For a complete list of authorized dealers, please visit

If you live in the United States:


1.If offered as new or like new, the products must be described as being "in original boxes with the maroon and white MAC Group label attached". If the item or items are discontinued, no restrictions apply to the listing.

2.If the products are offered as used and described with no further description except "used", no restrictions apply; the title and description must contain the word "used". If not, you must revise the listing(s) to reflect this as soon as possible.

3.Descriptions such as "like new" or "mint" which imply that the product(s) is (are) not used will require trademark approval and source of purchase must be disclosed to the General Manager at MAC Group. Again, if the product(s) is (are) labeled as "used" in combination with any other description, no restrictions apply.

4.If the product was purchased from outside of the United States (except personal tourist purchases carried on someone's person), the source of purchase must be disclosed to us with a copy of the customs entry form filed by the original purchaser.

Please contact the Marketing Department at 914-347-3300 if you have any questions about applicable trademark laws. You may also fax at 914-347-3309 or email:

*M.A.C. = Mamiya America Corporation

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