Rhodes Bake-N-Serv

Rhodes Bake-N-Serv Coupon Distribution

Rhodes prints coupons for specific purposes - usually to introduce new products or help new consumers on their first purchase, and often for distribution in specific areas or even specific stores. When our coupons are diverted from their intended purpose, we still have to pay for them, but we don't get the benefit we planned. We carefully control the distribution of our coupons. It may seem like there are a lot of coupons issued, but most companies keep very tight control over them. The bar code on the coupon tells us when and where it was issued and we know how many of each offer there are. That is because we have to pay back the store for every single coupon that is redeemed  typically we pay the face value of the coupon plus 8 cents each in handling charges.


The Real Cost of Coupon Fraud

Coupon fraud is costing American consumers millions of dollars each year. This comes out of every consumer's pocket in the form of higher prices. You might be surprised to learn that many unscrupulous characters actually purchase coupons from people like yourself, only to turn them into cash � which can sometimes be used to fund illegal activities, even terrorism. All Rhodes coupons clearly state "void where taxed or restricted. Limit 1 coupon per item purchased Cannot be reproduced, combined, transferred or assigned" Transferring or assigning is SELLING! Thanks for your cooperation!

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