Magnolia is one of the biggest manufactures of motive rubber stamps in the world.
Our main characters, Tilda and Edwin are well known in the stamping community.
The company started in 2000 and has grown fast the last couple of years. We are
located in Sweden where we also make all the stamps and shipment from.

Last year we expanded our market to design paper, paper flowers and we also
started a new inspiration magazine for card makers all over the world!
Magnolia INK Magazine was a blast and today we sell about 25 000 copies
with every edition.

Please note that Martha A Edwin AB / Magnolia does not sell anything on ebay or
any similar site. The only place you can find all of our products online is on our web shop.


Q: Why was my auction removed from ebay?
A: Your auction was removed because it violated our Angel Policy in how you are
allowed to use our rubber stamp. We are working constantly to make sure that
only the auctions that infringe on our Angel Policy.

Q: Does Magnolia sell their rubber stamps on ebay?
A: No. We do not sell any of our products on ebay or any other similar site.
The only way to make sure that the rubber stamps are indeed from Magnolia
is to buy them in our web shop or with one of our authorized resellers.

Q: Why can't I sell stamped images of Magnolia rubber stamps on ebay?
A: It violates our Angel Policy. The policy it says that you can resale our stamps as
long everything you sell is hand stamped AND hand colored. If you sell a stamped
image you are illegally selling the work of our designer, not something You have created.

Q: Why aren't I allowed to use the Magnolia logo on ebay or in the product that I sell?
A: We want to protect our customers and if you use our logo it will look like it is we
who are selling the item. We do not sell anything online except in our own web store.