MedcoSouth Healthcare, LLC

Intellectual Property Rights:
MedcoSouth Healthcare, LLC has established widespread consumer recognition and a favorable reputation among consumers as a supplier of high quality products. Our intellectual property, which includes the trade names, trademarks, service marks and copyrights owned by MedcoSouth Healthcare, LLC, embody the goodwill and reputation we have developed in the marketplace, and are valuable and important assets to our business. Accordingly, we carefully monitor and diligently protect our rights in these intellectual property assets in order to guard against their misuse. We take all appropriate actions, where necessary, to fully protect our rights.

Our Membership In eBay VeRO Program:
To further protect the intellectual property rights owned by MedcoSouth Healthcare, LLC, we are a member of eBay Verified Rights Owner VeRO program. We monitor all eBay auctions, and where we find any unauthorized use or infringement of our intellectual property, the offending auction is terminated under eBay VeRO program.