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If you have received a notification from eBay that you must withdraw your Y&T or Meniketti related listing from auction and we are referenced in the notice, it is because we believe the items you are auctioning infringe the artist�s/copyright owner�s rights. It is illegal to sell or resell unauthorized music and/or merchandise that has not been properly licensed from Y&T, Meniketti, or Meanstreak Music Co.  It is illegal to profit from the sale of unauthorized recordings and performances (either live or prerecorded).

NOTE: We will remove counterfeit items that infringe upon the band's copyrights.  Be aware that the band's fans are also very diligent in reporting illegal items.


Bootleggers and pirates sell unauthorized merchandise and recordings that not only deprive the band members of their rightful earnings for their years of hard work and contribution to hard rock history, but also these illegal items are typically inferior in quality to officially authorized merchandise.  In addition to ripping off the band members, the fans are being ripped off of their hard earned cash.

Please join us along with many musicians in boycotting these unauthorized items.  Instead of purchasing illegal items, visit the band's official website at www.YandTRocks.com, where you can purchase a variety of the band's items at fair prices.  You'll find CDs, t-shirts, baseball caps, photos, and more!  In addition, you can see the latest concert dates, view photo galleries, read the very active web site discussion forum and post your own questions to the band (they all read the forum on a regular basis), get announcements straight from the band, and communicate with other Y&T/Meniketti fans from around the world.  In fact, many of the fans on the forum will offer to GIVE you for FREE the very same bootlegs you see for sale on eBay.

Thank you for supporting the musicians and taking a stand against piracy.

Visit Y&T on the web at www.YandTRocks.com.

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