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Swiss Army Brands, Inc. (�Swiss Army Brands�) monitors eBay auctions to prevent infringement of its valuable trademark rights. Swiss Army Brands is not responsible for the quality of the products purchased on eBay. To find authentic Swiss Army Brands dealers please refer to the dealer locator search engine found on our web site at under �retailers�.


Why was my auction ended early?

If you were directed here because your auction ended early, your auction contained an infringement of one or more of the following trademarks: Watches: The description of the product in the item banner contained the phrase �Swiss Army� in connection with a watch or timepiece that is not ours. SWISS ARMY� is a registered trademark of Swiss Army Brands, Inc. Authentic Swiss Army Brands watches bear the trademark SWISS ARMY� (sold in US, Canada and Caribbean) or VICTORINOX SWISS ARMY� (sold in international markets) on the dial and the back of the watch case. Swiss Army Brands is the only company expressly authorized by the Swiss government to use the �Swiss Army� designation. Authentic watches also bear the �Cross and Shield�� trademark, which symbolizes the uncompromising craftsmanship of Swiss Army Brands and its parent company, Victorinox A.G. One of the most common infringements by eBay sellers is the use of the term �Swiss Army� in an auction title or description simply to get the attention of consumers searching for authentic SWISS ARMY watches. This is an example of �initial interest confusion� recognized by courts where infringers capitalize on the strength and reputation of the SWISS ARMY brand and divert consumers to sites offering infringing goods. Pocket Knives: Authentic �Victorinox � Original Swiss Army�� pocket knives bear the VICTORINOX name at the base of the shank of the largest blade and the �Cross and Shield� trademark on the knife handle.If the knife was not manufactured by Victorinox A.G. or Wenger S.A. the words "Swiss Army" whether alone or in combination with other words, may not be used in any way in connection with its sale or offering for sale. Victorinox Apparel and Travel Gear: Swiss Army Brands offers a premium collection of VICTORINOX� branded men�s sportswear and VICTORINOX� urban travel gear, which combines superior technical components, premium fabrications and fashionable design. Only authentic apparel and travel gear purchased at finer department stores and specialty shops, enjoy the guarantee of our reputation for quality design and authentic VICTORINOX brand heritage.Some auctions have used the trademark or words "Swiss Army" to designate articles of apparel or luggage.In every instance that is an infringement of our trademark. No manufacturer and no merchant is authorized to use the trademark "Swiss Army" on apparel or luggage. There is no such thing as "Swiss Army Apparel" or "Swiss Army Luggage" or any other article of apparel or luggage designated as "Swiss Army". What is the difference between Swiss Army products and Wenger? Which one displays the Swiss Army emblem? Wenger is not affiliated with Swiss Army Brands in any way. Wenger manufactures WENGER watches (as opposed to SWISS ARMY� watches) and �Wenger Genuine Swiss Army Knives� (as opposed to �Victorinox� Original Swiss Army� Knives�). To determine if you have an authentic Swiss Army Brands product, look for the following: 1. Wenger and Swiss Army Brands products and emblems are different: Swiss Army Brands� emblem is a Cross and Shield� design (which is the famous Victorinox crest). Whereas, Wenger�s emblem is a square shaped cross with rounded corners.. 2. Only authentic Swiss Army Brands watches feature the trademark SWISS ARMY� (sold in US, Canada and Caribbean) or VICTORINOX SWISS ARMY� (sold in international markets) on the dial and the back of the watch case. 3. �Victorinox� Original Swiss Army� Knives� will always have the VICTORINOX� name on the main blade of the pocket knife and the �cross and shield� � trademark on the handle. Company information: Swiss Army Brands, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Victorinox A.G., the exclusive U.S., Canadian, and Caribbean marketer of Victorinox� Original Swiss Army� knives, multi-tools and SwissCards� pocket tools. In addition to its SWISS ARMY� (sold in US, Canada and Caribbean) and VICTORINOX SWISS ARMY� (sold in international markets) brand watches, the company also markets Bear MGC� knives and multi-tools, as well as cutlery under the R.H. FORSCHNER� brand. Under exclusive license from Victorinox, Swiss Army Brands also markets VICTORINOX� brand apparel and sublicenses the VICTORINOX� trademark and �Cross and Shield�� design to selected manufacturers of fine products including VICTORINOX Travel Gear. Swiss Army Brands operates a flagship retail store at 136 Prince Street in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City. The company web site is located at www. Swiss Army Brands is based in Shelton, CT. Intellectual Property Rights: Swiss Army Brands, Inc. works in concert with State and Federal law enforcement officials to stop any counterfeiting of its name and products. Swiss Army Brands will take full advantage of all criminal and civil remedies available to enforce its intellectual property rights. Swiss Army Brands will continue to protect its valuable brands against those who sell infringing and counterfeit products at the retail and wholesale level. Swiss Army Brands Contact Information: Trademark Infringement Review: c/o One Research Drive, Shelton, Ct. 06484 Favorite Links: Swiss Army Web site eBay Copyright & Trademark Guidelines


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