NSK was founded in 1916 and produced the first ball bearings made in Japan.  NSK now offers a full range of bearings and sells them worldwide.  NSK bearings have contributed greatly to the growth of many industries and to the advancement of mechanical technology.

The only way to assure you are receiving authentic NSK product is to purchase through an authorized source.  Acquire NSK products from an authorized, reputable distributor.  To purchase please use the distributor locator found on our home page, www.nskamerica.com.

Trademark infringement is a violation of the exclusive rights attached to a trademark without the authorization of the trademark owner.  NSK has trademarks that have distinctive names, words, logos, designs, packaging and symbols used to distinguish our product from others.  NSK trademark has been filed in many countries throughout the world.   NSK does not allow unapproved use of NSK trademarks related to NSK intellectual property.

A counterfeit NSK product is a copy of an authentic NSK product.  These counterfeit products often originate from Hong Kong or China.  The production, distribution or sale of counterfeit products is illegal.  It is illegal to distribute, reproduce or sell unauthorized illegal products of NSK.  Make sure you obtain the product in its original packaging.  If the packaging looks suspicious, the product may be counterfeit.  Much of the product available over the internet is counterfeit or otherwise unauthorized.

As an eBay® VeRO member, NSK monitors items for sale on eBay.  NSK distributes through authorized dealers and does not sell seconds, damage goods or variations.  NSK will use the eBay VeRO program to report the listing(s) of any sellers it considers infringing on NSK rights.

NSK will work to ensure that all unauthorized uses of its intellectual property are removed from eBay.  When a site listing that improperly uses NSK trademarks and/or patents come to our attention, NSK will review the matter and take appropriate action.  Any items listed on eBay utilizing NSK trademarks, logos, photos, packaging and or any reference to NSK that may mislead or misrepresent NSK copyrighted/trademarked property will be removed by the request of NSK.  To safeguard NSK trademarks, NSK will closely monitor eBay sites to identify illegal auctions of NSK products and will terminate any unauthorized use of NSK copyrighted/trademarked properties on eBay.


Counterfeit products do not come with the quality and warranty guarantee of genuine parts.  Not only are you not getting what you paid for, but faulty and non-genuine bearings can degrade and fail quickly.  At best, this will only lead to equipment downtime and repair.  Counterfeit bearings can cause shutdowns in mills and production facilities, serious auto accidents and even loss of human live.  In addition, a faulty, counterfeit bearing may have legal consequences for you as a buyer and/or distributor.  One fake bearing could, in fact, break your business. Is it worth it?

If you have any questions please send inquiries to:  beebew@nsk-corp.com  and provide us with the eBay item number, which appears in the message sent to you from eBay.  NSK contact information is as follows:  NSK Americas Inc. Attn:  Legal Department, 4200 Goss Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48105 or (888-446-5675)