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Welcome to the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s About Me page.  You likely were directed here because your auction was cancelled for infringing on NSSF’s intellectual property.  If not, the NSSF still encourages you to read the information on this page to learn about the NSSF and acquaint yourself with NSSF’s intellectual property policies with respect to NSSF branded items you may attempt to buy or sell on eBay.

About NSSF

Formed in 1961, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) is the nonprofit 501(c)(6) tax-exempt trade association of the shooting, hunting and outdoor trade industry with nearly 4,800 members, including firearm manufacturers, distributors, retailers, shooting ranges and sportsmen’s clubs.  The NSSF manages a variety of programs designed to promote a better understanding of and a more active participation in hunting and the recreational shooting sports, and is at the forefront of promoting, protecting and preserving America’s firearms freedoms.

Among the programs and activities NSSF is known for include the SHOT Show®, Project ChildSafe®/Project HomeSafe®, First Shots®, Step Outside®, Don’t Lie For the Other GuyTM,  and formerly the Scholastic Clay Target ProgramSM.   

The NSSF invites you to visit its website for more information about these and other NSSF’s programs and activities.

NSSF Intellectual Property

NSSF invests significant financial and other valuable resources to maintain its reputation and brand.  All content and materials found on NSSF’s website or its affiliate sites, including videos/DVDs and literature ordered through or downloadable from these sites, is protected by United States and international copyright laws, and various other intellectual property rights, and may not be copied, reposted, redistributed, resold or otherwise used for financial or other gain.

All trade names, trademarks and service marks, including, without limitation, all text, graphics, images, logos and any combination thereof (collectively “Marks”) appearing on NSSF’s website or its affiliate sites are trademarks or registered trademarks proprietary to and owned by NSSF or are being used by NSSF with permission or pursuant to other rights.

Anyone who uses NSSF intellectual property (trademarks, copyrights, etc.) without NSSF’s prior written consent is in violation of NSSF’s rights.  NSSF will vigorously and aggressively pursue individuals who infringe upon or otherwise misuse NSSF’s trademarks, service marks, copyrights or other intellectual property.

 Project ChildSafe Gun Locks and Other NSSF Branded Items

NSSF strongly rebukes parties from selling items they receive from NSSF that are meant to be free to the public.  Project ChildSafe gun locks particularly are frequently are sold on eBay even though individuals may be able to obtain them from their local participating police department for free.  While NSSF cannot prevent the resale of Project ChildSafe gun locks by private parties, it can expose sellers of these items and caution buyers.  Buyers beware that Project ChildSafe gun locks are specifically imprinted with “Not For Resale.” However, sellers fail to disclose this in their listings.

Potential buyers of NSSF branded items sold on eBay should contact the NSSF before making their purchases.  Such items may otherwise be available directly from NSSF at no cost, or in the case of Project ChildSafe gun locks may be obtained for free from police departments participating in the program.

Contact NSSF

NSSF requests the cooperation of the entire eBay community in preventing the sale of NSSF items that may infringe upon NSSF’s intellectual property rights or which may have been acquired unlawfully or through other questionable means.  Suspected infringement of NSSF’s intellectual property or other violations can be reported to NSSF’s legal department by contacting






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