Our Vision

We endeavour to change the way businesses view printing. We aim to educate today’s business community to recognize how single-function printers/multifunction printers can deliver cost savings and valuable revenue generation.


Oki Data Corporation is a global business-to-business brand dedicated to creating professional printed communications products, applications and services which increase the efficiency of today’s businesses. From printers to faxes and multi-functional products through applications and services, Oki Data Corporation has brought to market a range of incredibly fast and high-performance machines that regularly win industry awards. Oki Data Corporation is a subsidiary of parent company, Oki Electric Industry Co.,Ltd. based in Tokyo, Japan.

Oki Data Corporation (referred as “OKI” thereafter) categorizes its product ranges into five distinct segments: Serial Impact Dot Matrix, Color, Non-Impact Printers (NIP), Mono NIP, Fax, and Multifunction Products.

Dot Matrix Printers/Point-of-Sales

The printers of choice for printing forms, multiple copies, and for operating in harsh environments.

About OKI’s Original Ribbons

To maximize the performance of your OKI impact printers, lengthen the life of its printhead and ensure the quality of its output, insist on using OKI Original ribbons.

Mono/Color Printers/Multifunction/Fax Products

OKI’s printing solutions are changing the workplace. We’ve designed them to be both easy to use and to actually make the job of print management easier. The applications answer a real commercial need: to make every piece of business communication work harder for you.

About OKI’s Original Toners

Original consumables should be used in all OKI’s printers, to enhance hardware performance and durability. With crushed/polymerized/microfine (HD) toner particles, print output has deep mono/color and photo-quality results. The use of third party consumables may cause inferior print quality and damage your hardware.

OKI’s Trademark Policy

OKI has invested significantly in technologies and facilities to give users the best value in digital photographic printing. Only OKI has the right to apply its trademarks to its printers, ribbons and toner cartridges as a symbol of OKI quality(*). The OKI trademark and trademarks associated with marketing OKI products are protected by US and international trademark laws. Unauthorized use of OKI trademarks is expressly prohibited by U.S. and international trademark laws. Similarly, photographs of genuine OKI products,packaging and accompanying descriptions of the characteristics of genuine OKI consumables, as well as user and service manuals, are protected by copyright laws. The unauthorized use of OKI copyrighted materials is a violation and enforceable under US and international copyright laws.

(*) Please note that Oki Data Corporation has been authorized by Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. to act on behalf of the owner, of certain intellectual property rights.

eBay Sellers: OKI will request eBay to delist the following cartridge/ ribbon/toner/smart chips/fuser/belt/Image drum sellers (applies to all OKI consumables)

If you are selling toner cartridges on eBay, it is your legal responsibility to ensure that your sales practices do not violate OKI trademark and copyright rights and eBay's Compatibility Policy. To avoid confusing or misleading consumers, in the title of your auction you must clearly identify your cartridges as not being manufactured, remanufactured, refilled or recycled by OKI by clearly stating in title of your auction using the appropriate terms, ie. "compatible XXXX", "non-genuine XXXX ", "non-OEM XXXX ", “remanufactured XXX” or “refilled XXX” ,or you must clearly identify the brand the product you are selling. If these conditions are not met, OKI will request eBay to delist your auction; OKI may or may not notify the seller of its intention to request delisting prior to shutdown.


If not OKI product

• XYZ BRAND toner cartridge for OKI’s C9800 Series

• Non-genuine toner cartridge for OKI’s C9800 Series

• Non-OEM toner cartridge for OKI’s C9800 Series

• Compatible toner cartridge for OKI’s C9800 Series

• Non-original toner cartridge for OKI’s C9800 Series

If OKI product

• Genuine toner cartridge for OKI’s C9800 Series

• OEM toner cartridge for OKI’s C9800 Series

• original toner cartridge for OKI’s C9800 Series

Some resellers of non-genuine consumables often attempt to attract customers to an auction by using the "OKI" trademark, but are really offering products manufactured by third parties. It is misleading to use the "OKI" trademark in a context that would encourage or lure a user into purchasing the product without clearly stating that it was not a genuine OKI product and they discover this fact only after it’s delivered.

According to eBay's Compatibility Policy, the use of "comp" instead of the word compatible or “reman” instead of the word “remanufactured”, is not acceptable practice. The words “fits”, “fits with” or “suits” OKI is not permitted, since they are open to a wide range of interpretations and can be confusing and misleading to the consumer. Similarly, the aftermarket toner seller cannot reference OKI genuine toner cartridge model numbers within the auction title.

Please note that OKI will request eBay to shut down auctions that contain representations of the quality or performance of the compatible ink/toner unless such representations are independently substantiated. By requesting eBay to shut down such auctions, OKI does not waive its right to sue for all damages and expenses (including attorney fees) incurred by OKI even after the shut downs occur.

If you have further questions, please contact us at: okidata@enforcements.markmonitor.com

Please cite your eBay auction number in the subject line of the e-mail.

eBay Purchasers: Contact the eBay Protection Program if you thought you bought genuine OKI consumables but believe you received a non-genuine consumable.

If you wanted genuine OKI consumables but were misled and received non-genuine consumables, please contact the seller and return the merchandise. If the price you paid for your genuine OKI consumable was "too good to be true" it may indicate that you were not buying genuine OKI consumable. Do not be misled by sellers’ explanations that consumables are specially priced because of special deals such as liquidations and bankruptcy sales. Such tactics are used by counterfeiters who want you to buy cheap copies that may not function properly in your printer. If you believe you have been misled, contact the eBay Buyer Protection Program to file a complaint.

OKI strongly recommends customers only use Genuine Oki Printing Solutions Original Consumables to ensure the best quality and performance from their hardware.

For further information, please contact the OKI Data Corporation Supporting Team at: okidata@enforcements.markmonitor.com

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