Manchester United Ltd

Manchester United Ltd is the registered proprietor of a number of trade marks, registered here in the United Kingdom and across the world, in relation to a considerable range of goods and services.


Please note that if one of your auctions/products has been removed from eBay this is because we believe it infringes the trade marks of Manchester United Ltd. We constantly monitor eBay for products that may infringe our trade marks. Whilst we appreciate many people offer auctions not knowing the products they are selling are fake, we as an organisation need to be consistent and take the same stance with every seller.

Furthermore, if you are looking to purchase signed Manchester United memorabilia, please note we can only guarantee authenticity if the product is accompanied by an official Manchester United certificate of authenticity and associated holographic devices.

Please also be aware that signed goods, accompanied by a photograph of the player signing the item, does not guarantee authenticity.