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Natural Body Jewelry
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We manufacture, design, and distribute unique, handmade body jewelry in a wide range of natural materials including: amber, bamboo, horn, bone, stone, and hardwood plugs, ethnic and tribal piercing jewelry, as well as publications, information, and contacts. All of our jewelry is handmade with love and full attention to detail-we've been at it in various permutations since 1992. We aim to provide comfortable, high-quality jewelry based on traditional designs that will be in harmony with nature and with the body.
Copyright info
Please note that all of our text, images, scans, and designs are subject to copyright law.
We participate in the eBay VeRO program and will report all infringing items.
It may seem ridiculous that we would even have to write this, and it is. The fact is that we've seen numerous examples of people and businesses jump our train, but they cross the line when they begin producing our designs, plagarizing our text, and copying our images to use as their own.

We support blatant acts of originality and seek authenticity in all aspects of life.


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