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Osmosis Skincare wholesales only to skincare professionals. Osmosis Skincare does not guarantee product authenticity or condition or accept any responsibility for product purchased from eBay. Osmosis strongly recommends purchasing product through licensed skincare professionals at authorized locations. For assistance locating a skincare professional near you or online, visit our website at www.osmosisskincare.com or call us at (877) 777-2305.

While some sellers of Osmosis product on eBay may have obtained their auction items in a legal manner, some of the Osmosis product showing up on eBay may have been obtained illegally. The most obvious warning sign that product has been obtained illegally is a Seller with large quantities of product priced significantly below standard retail prices.

Intellectual Property Rights and Infringement

Osmosis Skincare has built a reputation as a manufacturer of premium professional skincare, beauty, and nutritional supplement products. Our intellectual property, including trade names, trademarks, service marks, copyrighted or proprietary materials, photos, images, and logos are valuable and important assets to our business. Their use has a great impact on our reputation and brand image.

Osmosis Skincare is a member of the eBay VeRo program and strictly enforces proper use of our intellectual property. If images, logos or text are used directly from our website, literature or any other proprietary materials, we consider that an infringement. If an auction gives the slightest implication or appearance that the seller represents Osmosis or are authorized to sell our products, that will also be treated as infringement.






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