Registered Trademarks of The Packard Club, PAC

The Packard Script

The Packard Club was founded in 1953 and approved by The Packard Motor Car Company of Detroit, Michigan to restore, maintain, and preserve all Packard products on land, sea, or in the air.  Packard built their last cars at Detroit in 1956 and final production was in Indiana in 1958.  The Packard Club continued in the preservation of Packard and in an effort to protect certain Packard Trademarks for the future, received 3 Registered Trademarks from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  The Registered Trademarks are The Packard Script, The Packard Crest, and the word "Packard".

The Packard Crest

The Packard Club encourages manufacturers and vendors to make and sell quality products using the Packard Trademarks, but reserves the right to license and approve each and every use on an individual basis.  Any offering for sale of a product that contains a Packard Trademark requires permission and must contain the permission line provided by The Packard Club.  Note: This does not apply to the listing or sale of items that may carry Packard Trademarks that are of vintage or historical nature such as antique Packard parts, Packard cars, literature, or Company-issued items.  Please contact The Packard Club licensing agent through this eBay account for further information.

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