Doria is a professional painter that started out at a young age. Selling over a thousand paintings worldwide, her originality now brings her artworks in many art galleries, private and public collections in the US, Canada and abroad.

As an abstract artist, she paints with passion and uses various techniques to express her optimistic views and give her art a freshly unique twist. Her excitement comes from real life situations and her inspiration comes from her imagination and art mentor, Mary Capan.

Doria celebrates the power of artistic vision, using strategies of appropriation and transformation, she distorts, embellishes and rebuilds until the familiar nature of our reality is radically displaced.

Her passionate desire and subtle intelligence to create something new, moves us from our habitual experience into a new space where there are never ending possibilities, including the potential for subjective creativity that prompt our understanding of the world and leave us unsure.

We invite your imaginative participation and hope you enjoy Doria abstract art as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you.


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