Papà Razzi
Papà Razzi Trade Mark



Papà Razzi is an internationally recognised brand and protected trade mark. Our distinctive magazine clutches and other shapes are all protected as registered designs, and the magazine covers we create are protected by international copyright law as artistic works.




The use or reproduction of any Papà Razzi images, designs, magazine covers, trade marks or logos without the written permission of Papà Razzi is prohibited. Consequently, if you undertake in any unauthorised use of the same this may result in civil or criminal actions against you. Papà Razzi is 100% committed to enforcing its intellectual property rights against unauthorised users and in particular has a zero tolerance approach towards the sale of counterfeit Papà Razzi products. If you are looking to buy genuine Papà Razzi products, we recommend that you visit our website at or buy from one of our authorised stockists.