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Welcome to the Patch Me Thru's Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) Program, VRT And Official About Me Page.

Patch Me Thru, Inc. is a member of eBay's Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) Program utilizing an exclusive VeRO Reporting Tool (VRT) infrastructure. We strictly enforce proper use of our trademarks, service marks, name marks, images and copyrights. The distinctive photographic images and accompanying item descriptions appearing on our website, and in our catalogs, books and advertisements are protected by copyright and not available for general use. Patch Me Thru, Inc. owns the exclusive rights to all website, catalog and book images and they are not licensed for use on eBay.


Patch Me Thru, Inc. is working diligently to ensure that all unauthorized uses of its intellectual property are removed from the eBay website. While it is our intent to remove ALL unauthorized and counterfeit products from eBay, listings are added at a rate and volume, which can be difficult to monitor. We do, however, take necessary actions when we learn of infringements and the fact that we do not proceed against all infringements does not affect the fact that the sale of unauthorized product(s) is against the law.

Some eBay sellers have used terms in their listing descriptions or titles like "patchmethru", "PMT", "patch me through" and "patch_me_thru" to implicate that the item they are offering for sale is somehow legitimate or approved. There have been a few cases where these sellers have used the above terms as their eBay seller ID simply to get attention from consumers looking for authentic goods. This is a form of trademark infringement recognized by the courts as "initial interest confusion." Even though consumers may ultimately realize that an auction or website has no connection to Patch Me Thru, such conduct is illegal trademark infringement, and is an attempt to take a free ride off the Patch Me Thru name and reputation. Patch Me Thru, Inc. has zero tolerance when it comes to infringement of it's products and will actively seek those parties responsible for those infringements.





  • There are numerous potentially counterfeit and/or infringing Patch Me Thru and PMT items for sale on eBay. It is illegal to sell such merchandise. The manufacture, possession, distribution and/or sale of counterfeit goods carry stiff criminal penalties. Patch Me Thru, Inc. hopes to educate the purchasing public as to how to make an informed decision when purchasing items on eBay.
  • Below is a list of key phrases in RED to look for in the description of the item for sale in order to help determine its authenticity. If you see any of the preceeding (or similar) phrases in the description of a "patch, emblem or insignia item" offered for sale on eBay, it is a good indication that the item is fraudulent, counterfeit or is a trademark infringement item. They are: authenticity not guaranteed, cannot guarantee authenticity, repro, reproduction, collector's copy, no guarantee, unknown, copy or anything containing the words or a reference to "Patch Me Thru" in the item listing.
  • Generally, if the seller does not affirmatively guarantee the authenticity of the item, there is a reasonable chance that it is a fraudulent or counterfeit item. Futhermore, if nothing is mentioned in the description regarding authenticity, it may be a counterfeit item as well. A buyer should always request an affirmative guarantee of authenticity from a seller. Unfortunately, it is also possible that a seller with a guarantee of authenticity may be selling a counterfeit item as well. So buyer beware.


Question: Why was my auction terminated?

Answer: Your auction infringed one or more of Patch Me Thru, Inc.’s intellectual property rights. Possible reasons for termination include the sale of fraudulent or counterfeit merchandise, use of the Patch Me Thru name mark, or use of any Patch Me Thru, Inc. images or service marks without permission, sale of a promotional or prototype item in violation of a license, or misuse of a Patch Me Thru, Inc. registered trademark. Patch Me Thru, Inc. regularly monitors the Internet for violations of its intellectual property rights. Patch Me Thru, Inc. then notifies eBay's Legal Deaprtment through the VRT of which auctions violate Patch Me Thru's intellectual property rights.

Question: How do I know what is okay to list and what is not?

Answer: In most all cases it is the sole responsibility of the seller to know what is okay to list and what is not okay to list. The general rule of thumb is, if you are not sure or feel it might be a fake, reproduction or counterfeit item, then don't list it. Patch Me Thru, Inc. has no obligation to anyone to give them a "heads up" or an "advance warning" to not list a questionable or prohibited item. Based on the high volume that reproductions are surfacing on the market these days it is almost a full time job just to monitor, review and investigate every item related to law enforcement insignia and to send out courtesy warnings, e-mails asking a seller to remove an item and the like is not conductive and can be very time consuming.

Question: Can Patch Me Thru report intellectual property on behalf of my company?

Answer: Patch Me Thru, Inc. is also an acting Intellectual Property Agent or IPA for many agencies and clients across the nation and can enforce, investigate and remove infringing items or listings from eBay at any time on behalf of our clients. If your agency or department would like us to act on your behalf to remove infringing items from eBay, please get in touch with us. It should also be noted that our service is by no means a guaranteed way to remove all infringement, and the information we gather from you to assist in our reporting should not be considered an all-inclusive document to "shield" any seller who lists prohibited items on eBay.

Question: Why can Patch Me Thru sell the same patches on eBay that I had ended?

Answer: Patch Me Thru, Inc. DOES NOT sell any law enforcement patches or insignia on eBay. We never have and we never will. Patch Me Thru, Inc. maintains a certain level of quality, service and integrity that is unsurpassed in this business world. Our strict use of our designs and products we manufacture are controlled and are closely guarded. There have been previous incidents where certain nefarious seller(s) have used our name mark and have sold patches and insignia to unsuspecting collectors. These collectors only later discovered that they we're not dealing with Patch Me Thru but rather an imposter. These acts alone have been very damaging to our reputation and we have filed legal motions to have those sellers removed from eBay and regain control of our name marks. Damage control has been instituted and confidence is very high that we will prevail. If you want to guarantee that you purchase authentic, quality items every time - please visit our website and purchase from us directly. As our motto proudly states on our website, No one can come close to our excellence and quality, accept no imitations!