Don’t be fooled by fakes


Pax Labs is aware of counterfeit Pax devices in the marketplace. To avoid purchasing a counterfeit device, we always recommend purchasing through an authorized vendor.

Since they are not constructed with the same quality materials as authentic Pax, counterfeit units present a number of serious health and safety risks. Pax Labs has a dedicated team working with law enforcement agencies to stop the distribution and manufacturing of our trademarked products.

Be certain you are purchasing an authentic Pax — the phonies are no substitute!


What we do to protect PAX buyers/sellers on eBay


Our company monitors eBay regularly and contacts sellers to ensure that they are not inadvertently selling counterfeits. When we identify potentially suspicious PAX units being sold on eBay we usually contact their sellers via eBay Messenger from pax_labs_incorporated and ask for additional information to be able to verify product authenticity.


Through eBay’s VeRO program we contact sellers postings mostly due to counterfeit and trademark infringement issues. We highly appreciate your cooperation when you are requested to provide any additional information by our online eBay monitoring team. If we do not receive a response and/or receive the requested information we flag your posting for removal.


Why should I buy from PAX Labs or from a PAX authorized retailer?


Purchasing on directly or from an authorized Pax Labs retailer is the only way to ensure you are not purchasing a counterfeit product. Pax Labs industry-leading 10-year ltd. warranty comes with every purchase on or through an authorized retailer.

While PAX Labs would like to help the victims of counterfeiting we’re not able to reimburse money used to purchase infringing goods since such goods were not bought from PAX Labs, nor do we assist with the resolution of disputes, including assistance with PayPal or credit card refunds.

If you are unsure if you are purchasing from an authorized retailer, we encourage you to contact our friendly and knowledgeable support team with the company name or link to the site before making the purchase. We will be happy to confirm the authenticity of the product.


How is Pax Labs addressing counterfeits?


The fight against unauthorized sales and counterfeiting is a long-term commitment to quality and service by Pax Labs. We are dedicated to ensuring consumers receive the modern technology, beautiful design and world-class support that encompass the brand.

To protect customers and business partners, Pax Labs has a devoted team who actively pursues and investigates counterfeiters. We have partnered with numerous local law enforcement agencies as well as the Department of Homeland Security to stop the parties responsible for producing, distributing and selling fake Pax devices.

While we are doing everything we can to keep our customers safe, we do not reimburse or refund purchases for infringing goods.


How To Contact Us

If you have any general questions or if you unsure about authenticity of your PAX device, please contact us at