The Heirs and Estate of Peter William Ham



The Heirs and Estate of Peter William Ham was officially set up in 2005 by Heir Petera Ham, Administrator Anne Herriot & music agent Dan Matovina. One of its functions is to protect the recording and publishing catalogs plus certain valuable intellectual property rights. The principal activities are music publishing and include retail of Pete Ham's music and related. If you have received a notification from eBay that you must withdraw your product from auction, and we are referenced in the notice, it is because we believe the items you are auctioning infringe the artist�s rights. We will actively seek to stop auctions which contain the following: Promotional (marked as �not for resale�) items, Pirate, Counterfeit and bootleg material containing work (audio / visual / text) copyrighted by the Estate of Peter William Ham, as well as other material relating to Badfinger and or The Iveys.




We believe the items you are auctioning infringe the rights of the Estate Of Peter William Ham. You may not realize this, but it is not legal to sell or (even re-sell) unauthorized music that has not been properly licensed from the publishing company, artist(s) or the appropriate record company. Bootlegs have an adverse effect on not only the record labels, but also the artists whose rights are infringed. We also wish to protect the interests of Pete Ham and Badfinger fans who may be unaware that they are purchasing illegal/counterfeit items. Since home computing hardware has become more professional, the amount of illegal material has increased along with its availability. Much of the illegal material is of a poor standard and inferior in quality.