It is illegal to import, manufacture, offer for sale, sell, advertise or distribute counterfeit or infringing GOLD LEAF GARDENING GLOVES.  These activities are in violation of the law and can carry both criminal and civil penalties.  Additionally, this activity is expressly prohibited by eBay (see section 6.2 of eBay user agreement) and will result in your auctions and user account being cancelled.

As the owner of the unique GOLD LEAF GARDENING GLOVE brand, JAYCO (UK) LTD is particularly stringent in protecting all Intellectual Property Rights associated with the registered trade mark, design and sale of our products, which are now widely acknowledged as "The World's Finest Gardening Gloves", and which are endorsed by The Royal Horticultural Society. 

Our products are only availble from recognised, reputable gardening retailers who have been supplied by our company direct, and who have been authorised to sell our products - please visit our website and see the "Stockists" section.

GOLD LEAF Gardening gloves offered from other sources will not be legitimate, and could well be counterfeit or stolen.