Genuine Stromberg Carburetor

Stromberg Carburetor manufacture and sell a range of products based on the Stromberg model 97 carburetor design, used on Ford V8 vehicles in the 1930’s, and on a wide variety of cars and trucks ever since. We also sell a range of carburetor linkage and fuel delivery products, and a growing range of other merchandise using the Stromberg and 97 names will be launched through 2010 and beyond. This will include clothing, signs, license plate surrounds and more.

The company strives to offer only the highest quality products, through continuous product innovation and process improvement. To ensure that consumers are purchasing only genuine Stromberg products, and to ensure their proper installation and function, we diligently monitor and control their design, manufacturing, distribution and advertising.

Registered trade marks
Phobix Ltd, trading as Stromberg Carburetor, owns the US registered trade marks for Stromberg and also for ‘97’, as they relate to our automotive, clothing and other activities. These registered trade marks give Stromberg Carburetor and its authorized licensees the sole and exclusive right to use the trade marks.

Stromberg has made significant investment in developing the association of these marks with the quality, value and reliability of our products. Unauthorized use of our trade marks subjects the offender to legal action by Stromberg and/or the criminal authorities. Additionally, you should be aware that such activity is prohibited by eBay (6.2 of eBay's user agreement) and will result in your auctions being cancelled and your user account being suspended or terminated.

What this means

Trade mark Infringement
Many eBay sellers sell genuine Stromberg products – either as new or used products or New Old Stock items. Describing those parts as Stromberg is not a problem.

However, any non-genuine product (ie, not made or sold by Stromberg Carburetor) that carries the name, or is described as ‘Stromberg’ or ‘97’, with the implication that the product is in any way associated with Stromberg Carburetor, will infringe our trade mark and we will act to remove it from eBay. We also reserve the right to take further action to protect our rights. Stromberg Carburetor also reserves the right to ask for removal under other eBay VeRO reason codes.

Aftermarket products
In recognition of the long-standing tradition of aftermarket parts to fit Stromberg carburetors, we recommend that non-genuine parts be described with the words “for Stromberg”. For example, a non-genuine rebuild kit for a Stromberg 97 carburetor should be described as a “Rebuild Kit for Stromberg 97”. It should not be described as a “Stromberg Rebuild Kit”, or “97 Rebuild Kit”, which would be an infringement of our trade mark. No aftermarket part should ever carry the name Stromberg or 97, nor should any implication be made that this is a genuine Stromberg product. Nor are they covered under warranty or insurance by Stromberg Carburetor. Stromberg Carburetor reserves the right to change this policy at any time.

Copyright Infringement
Stromberg Carburetor is the owner of certain copyrights to all of the technical data, photos, graphics, product literature, catalogues, product specifications, installation guides, user guides, promotional material and other types of information used in association with its products and/or posted on its websites. These items may not be used by anyone without express written permission from Stromberg. Any copying, reproduction or use of these materials without permission is a violation of federal law.

False Warranty Offer
Sales of genuine Stromberg product sold by anyone other than an authorized Stromberg dealer voids the manufacturer's warranty. Products sold through unauthorized dealers are not protected by our product liability insurance.

Where Can I Get More Information?
We aim to be fair about auction listings involving the Stromberg name, but if your auction was ended, it is most likely because of the reasons given above. If you still have a concern, please refer to eBay's intellectual property guidelines at:

If you would like to enquire about Stromberg and 97 licensing opportunities, please contact us at or visit our website at